Winds – Machine Learning Powered RSS and Podcast App

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A quick look at beautiful RSS and Podcast app – Winds.

There are numerous RSS reader apps available in Linux universe, some of them are best and some of them are your native Linux apps. Not all of them are having ability to support podcast though.

Winds is very beautiful RSS and podcast app based on stream API and it comes with him nice user interface and loaded with features.

This free and open source app combines the RSS feed and podcast together, so that you don’t need to install multiple Linux native apps in your system to keep the benefit of both RSS and Podcast.

The main important feature of Winds is that it includes the capability of suggesting contents based on your usage pattern and this is only possible because it is powered with machine learning.

Here are the quick look at some of its features.


  • Modern and scalable
  • Free and open source and native installer available for Linux Windows and Mac
  • OPML file support
  • Auto content Discovery using machine learning and user behavior

How to Install

Winds comes Snap packages which you can download and install.
Run below commands from terminal to install Winds via Snap in Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 , Linux Mint.

sudo snap install winds

After installation you can find it in application menu.

Install for Mac and Windows

Detailed installation instruction and packages for Windows and Mac are available here.

If you like Winds and love it let us know below also mention what is your favorite season podcast app.



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