OpenShot 2.6 Adds Computer Vision, AI Effects and More

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OpenShot 2.6 brings the most requested features such as AI based object tracking and more. We recap the release in this post.

The popular video editor OpenShot is used by many to create stunning videos with features and options – that too for free. Hence, it is always welcome to get more new features – thanks to the contributors and developers/testers of OpenShot.

This release brings some most requested features to date, and here’s a summary of the new features.

OpenShot 2.6
OpenShot 2.6

OpenShot 2.6 – New Features

  • Built-in object detection that identifies each object (such as bus, Car) in a video with text and boxes. The object movements can be attached to animation system, and you can also attach any animation clip to a certain type of objects.
new AI Effects
new AI Effects
  • The built-in stabilization feature finally lands in this release. OpenShot now can calculate and normalize those shaky videos.
  • A total of 9 audio effects are introduced, and this ensures you may not need any audio editor for your video work.
  • A new Zoom slider tool shows a tiny representation of your entire timeline with each clip, transitions, tracks and other details. You can drag a portion in this slider to view a specific portion of your timeline.
  • Many performance improvements related to threading and CPU usage makes this release much faster than its predecessors.
  • A revamped Transform tool auto enables when a clip is selected. The transform tool is not super easy to use with its nodes and center point.
Transform Tool
Transform Tool
  • OpenShot now has the ability to snap while trimming the edges of clips, making it much easier to align the edges of clips on different tracks. The following use cases now work:
  • Other changes include support for Emoji (via OpenMoji), improved video effects, updates to Cloud API and many bug fixes.

For a detailed list of changes, visit the official announcement here.

OpenShot 2.6 Download Details

OpenShot 2.6 is available for all platforms – Linux, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS. Get your latest copy from the below link.

Closing Notes

There is really scarcity of easy-to-use + feature rich + free video editor for Linux. In this landscape, OpenShot team is really upping their game with more modern features. Make sure to contribute and donate to the project for many such features and updates.

On a side note, I really wish the Olive Video Editor becomes stable – and this might be another contender for a great free video editor in Linux.


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