Vivaldi Browser 3.3 Brings Break Mode to Pause Internet

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Vivaldi browser released its latest version 3.3 with a pause mode which stops all internet activity with just a click of a button.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost the entire world is working from home and it is difficult for the working population to split the time between work and personal time. The main problem faced by the companies people are becoming less productive due to prolonged office work.

Now, the Vivaldi browser which already popular due to its privacy focussed aspect brings the pause mode for the Internet. How does it work?

Vivaldi Browser – Break Mode

The break mode stops all stops and mutes all HTML5 video, audio; hides all the tabs, panels, and other contents leaving the entire screen blank.

The break mode can be activated with a button at the left-bottom corner of the status bar or shortcut Ctrl+”.”.

Take a break option in Vivaldi 3.3
Take a break option in Vivaldi 3.3

To resume your work simply click the button again and all the tabs will be enabled including video/audio playback.

Here’s how it work.

Vivaldi Take a break feature
Vivaldi Take a break feature

This is going to be indeed productive for the ‘work-from-home’ population if used correctly. However, I wonder, if you are in the middle of a video conf call via Vivaldi browser and hit the pause mode, what will happen? Will it stop the webcam as well?

Anyways, not only that, when you stop all browser activity, but you can also actually save your desktop/laptop resources such as memory and processor which can be used for other applications. For Laptop, I hope this saves some battery usage as well as there is no browser activity during break mode.

Advanced Customization for Private Window

Along with this feature, Vivaldi 3.3 also brings a way to customize the private browsing window using themes with more options. There are already plenty of options to customize Vivaldi. With the new release, you can create your own theme for Private browsing. You can also schedule the theme change at a preferred time!

For example, you might create one theme for night mode as per your choice and auto-schedule it in the evening. You can find the options in Settings > Themes > Private Window Theme.

More Features

Privacy-focused Vivaldi brings another feature with this release which makes you more secure over the internet. This feature will help you to quickly identify the phishing sites which fakes the URL in the address bar. Vivaldi now highlights the main top-level domain only by greying out the rest of the address. This will help you quickly identify whether you are browsing a correct website of a fake one. For example, will be showing as highlighting the TLD part.

Some more feature addition in Vivaldi 3.3 includes – a selective copy of the URL, built-in Tracker, and Ad Blocker now supports blocking whole pages, Drag & Drop Speed Dials to folders.

For the entire change log visit this page.

Download and install

Vivaldi is available for all Linux Platforms, macOS, and Windows. Visit the below download page for respective packages and install them.

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