Two best diagramming softwares for Ubuntu


Microsoft Visio is a very popular diagramming software for Windows used for drawing flowcharts, network diagrams, charts etc. In Linux/Ubuntu there are two best alternatives available to Visio – Dia and yED.


Dia is an open-source, free diagramming software with verity of features. You can use it to draw flowcharts, circuit diagrams, UML diagrams, ERD diagrams and many more. It uses SVG graphics for drawing. Your drawing files can be exported as various popular file formats such as svg, png, vdx, wmf, jpeg etc.

How to Install

To install Dia in Ubuntu, Mint, elementary, Debian using terminal, open terminal and run below command.

sudo apt-get install dia

To launch Dia on GNome, go to Applications -> Graphics -> Dia
To launch using Dash in Ubuntu, search for Dia

Here is a screenshot of Dia running in Ubuntu



yEd is a powerful diagramming multipurpose application which can be used to create high quality diagrams. You can create diagrams manually. One of the unique feature of yEd is to import external data for analysis and its automatic layout arranging algorithm.

How to Install

To install yEd follow below steps:

  • Go to yEd website.
  • Download the
  • Change the *.sh file attribute to make it executable.
  • Go to the directory and run below command:
  • ./

To install using Ubuntu Software Center, search yEd.

To launch yEd on GNome, go to Applications -> Other -> yEd Graph Editor
To launch using Dash, search for yEd
Note: yEd needs Java Runtime Environment to run. Make sure you have JRE installed in your system.

Here is a screen shot of yEd running in Ubuntu


  • Website: yed
  • Download for other Linux distributions: download
  • Source: n/a

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  • Hello.. I have installed Dia from console, but am unable to see it. Not while searching it in the dashboard. The other way you mentioned was to launch it through gnome.. How can I do that? Can you be more specific about it? What is the path I should go? Applications->Graphics?? Where will I find the applications?
    PS: This is my first time with Ubuntu..

    • I am guessing you are using Ubuntu and the latest version either 14.04 or 15.10. Also I am guessing you are not using GNome rather using Unity. So, do any of these below to see if you find Dia:

      a) In Ubuntu, on the left side you should see an Icon like this below. Click there, a search box would open and then type Dia. You should see Dia icon pops up immediately if it is installed correctly.

      b) If option a didn’t work, type “dia” from terminal and see if it runs.

      • Hey Giri, Thanks for the reply. I’m using Ubuntu 14.04.3 now. I tried searching as you mentioned in the picture comment but am unable to find it..! However, your method 2 helped me 😀 From the terminal, I am able to run it. Thanks for your help 🙂

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