yED – The Visio Replacement for Linux, Updated to version 3.16.2

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yEd is a powerful diagramming multipurpose application which can be used to create high quality diagrams.

Created by yWorks, one of the unique feature of yEd is to import external data for analysis and its automatic layout arranging algorithm. This Java based utility has the ability to import data from spreadsheet and arrange them in tree/structures.

In a nutshell, you can use yEd to create:

  • Flowcharts
  • UML Class Diagrams
  • Semantic Network
  • Family Trees
  • Social Networks

Have a look at this 90 sec demo of yEd.

Recent version improvements & bug fixes

  • The UML class node representation now uses the same font for the attribute, method, etc. entries as is set for the class name.
  • The properties views now also list the additional shape node representations (stars, fat arrows, etc.) and allow changing their properties.
  • Many bugfixes, great and small.

How to Install yEd 3.16.2 in Ubuntu, Linux

Download the ‘sh’ file for 32 bit/64 bit from this page. Once downloaded you can do a chmod and execute the setup.

$ chmod +x
$ ./

After installation, you can find it under application menu.



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