A list of Password Managers for Ubuntu

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A password manager is a definite need for everyone in today’s world. Here is a list of simple to complex password managers available in Ubuntu. These can serve as a great password manager for basic home users to more advanced users.


KeePassX is a open source/free password manager which helps to manage the password in efficient way. All the password can be stored in a single database which is protected by a master key/password. This database is encrypted with AES encryption.

Feature Summary

  • Single database with master password
  • Grouping of data
  • Import of *.xml, *.pwm files
  • Password Generator
  • Export Options
KeePassX Running in Ubuntu
KeePassX Running in Ubuntu

How to install
From Terminal: sudo apt-get install keepassx
Official Website: www.keepassx.org


Revelation is a simple password manager for GNOME desktop with a simple UI. It stores the password in AES encrypted XML file.

Feature Summary

  • Simple UI
  • AES Encryption
  • Import and Export of various formats of password files
  • Auto lock dueing idle

How to install
From Terminal: sudo apt-get install revelation
Official Website: revelation.olasagasti.info

Revelation Running in Ubuntu
Revelation Running in Ubuntu

Other password managers available in Ubuntu:

Figaro’s Password Manager 2
Install using terminal: sudo apt-get install fpm2
Install from SC: fpm2

Password Gorilla
Install using terminal: sudo apt-get install password-gorilla
Install from SC: password-gorilla


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