Change Impress Layout at Runtime Using Basic Macro

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This tutorial will show how to change the Impress Slide Layouts at Run-time.


This tutorial assumes that you know how to create a basic Impress macro in LibreOffice. You can go through the basic guide using below link.

Impress Macro – Getting Started

In a presentation document, there are various styles of Layout present – Title only, Title with single box, double text box etc. For any automation tasks where it is required to generate the Impress presentation files dynamically with a desired layout, we need to program for the layout changes.

Layout Options

LibreOffice Impress 5.1+ comes with below layouts:

  • Blank Slide
  • Title Slide
  • Title, Content
  • Title and 2 Content
  • Title Only
  • Centered Text
  • Title, 2 Content and Content
  • Title, Content and 2 Content
  • Title, 2 Content over content
  • Title, Content over content
  • Title, 4 Content
  • Title, 6 Content




To change the Layout at run-time, use the Layout property of a Slide. Layout property takes a number which refers to any above of the layouts.

For example, to change a slide layout to “Title, Content”, follow below code:

oDoc = ThisComponent
' Get a List of all Slides
oSlideList = oDoc.getDrawPages()
' Get the First Slide
oSlide = oSlideList.getByIndex(0)
oSlide.Layout =1 ' Title, Content

Refer below table to get desired Layout numbers for various Layouts.

Layout Value Layout Type
0 Title Slide; one title and a text box
1 Title, Content
3 Title , two content
12 Title content, 2 content
14 Title, content over content
15 Title, 2 content and content
18 Title , 4 content
19 Title Only
34 Title, 6 content




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