Tor Browser Releases Version 6.0.5

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Tor browser releases version 6.0.5.

Tor browser which uses Tor network, is used for anonymous web browsing. The browser comes with a pre-configured web browser and has the ability to run off a USB stick as well. Tor browser recently released version 6.0.5 with bug fixes and some important security updates.

Here is how to install in Ubuntu, Linux Mint.

For 64 bit systems, run below command to download the compressed Tor files.


Once downloaded, extract them and go to the extracted folder. Double click the Tor browser icon. It doesn’t requires any additional installations.

For other download options visit this page.

Once installed, it requires a one time setup. Click the ‘Connect’ button to establish a direct connection to Tor network.


Once the connection is established, Tor browser should open and you can browser the web.


As the traffic bounced around hops, you may feel slow browsing speed.





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