Cutefish OS Development Restarts with A Revised Vision

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After a month of possible discussions, talks and threads, Cutefish OS officially restarts its development.

A while back, I wrote that Cutefish OS stopped development, and there is no activity on GitHub. Well, it looks like the developers resurrected the project on GitHub with some vision of the future of the OS.

On July 31st, the main GitHub repo of Cutefish OS is updated with the following:

Your Favorite CutefishOS are back now!
New website in the works (coming soon)

Not only that, but the team also gave a brief about the roadmap of this project.

Cutefish OS - Application Menu
Cutefish OS – Application Menu

Cutefish OS Development – Upcoming Milestones

Firstly, the primary object is the official website preparation.

Secondly, the next release would probably be based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, as per the note on GitHub. Cutefish OS was available with different spins, such as Ubuntu and Debian. Also, you could install only the Cutefish Desktop in Arch Linux.

Thirdly, the team aims to assess current issues and start accepting pull requests. After completing this exercise, it would be easier to prioritize the items that needed fixing. And finally, planning for the new features for future releases.

Not only that but there is also a possibility of a new Cutefish flavour with openEuler Linux. The openEuler Linux is a distribution created by Huawei for commercial and enterprise uses.

Current Cutefish OS Development Plan
Current Cutefish OS Plan

A New Name?

When I was looking for additional information, I found that the team registered a new domain with a new name, i.e. The desktop environment or entire OS would be renamed to openfish. It’s just a guess from my side at this point.

The old domain was probably taken over by someone else, hence the decision.

But, in my opinion, “openfish” is a better branding name than “cutefish”.

What’s Next

The last version of version 0.8 had several issues related to the Keyboard, settings windows, Flatpak apps, etc. The best way is to fix those as a first step with the last baseline. Then probably a version 1.0 with additional features.

Hopefully, we will get to see more updates on the development in the coming weeks. If you want to be heard and ask about expectations or feature requests, create a post on GitHub.

Welcome back, Cutefish OS.


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