Xubuntu 22.10: Top New Features

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Here’s a quick summary of Xubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu and its new features.

Xubuntu 22.10 Desktop
Xubuntu 22.10 Desktop

Quality takes time to build. It applies to all phases of life, including software.

Since Xfce 4.16 release, many new features to Xfce 4.17 (development version) have been added. That includes core Xfce, native applications, adoption of GNOME 43, MATE 1.26 and libadwaita. Since Xfce is also a combination of GNOME and MATE – it takes time to properly incorporate and test the changes.

In the Xubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu release, you get to experience all the improvements done since December 2020 – almost two years of bug fixes and enhancements.

Xubuntu 22.10 was released on October 20, 2022. Here’s what’s new.

Xubuntu 22.10 New Features

Core updates and GNOME framework

At its core, Xubuntu 22.10 is powered by Linux Kernel 5.19 as its base on Ubuntu 22.10. In addition, the Xfce desktop version is Xfce 4.17.

The 4.17 version is a development tag because it’s a stepping stone for the next big release, Xfce 4.18, which is planned for this Christmas.

Let’s talk about GNOME and related apps. For the first time, Xfce 4.17 in Xubuntu 22.10 gets the libadwaita with GNOME 43 updates. That means the default GNOME apps can render correctly under the Xfce desktop.

That being said, the GNOME Software 43 looks great under Xfce desktop in Xubuntu 22.10. If you compare this to Xfce native look and GNOME apps with CSD/SSD (such as DIsks) – they all look neat.

I am surprised at how good Software 43 is with libadwaita/GTK4 rendered under Xfce desktop.

Three different window decorations - together in Xubuntu 22.10
Three different window decorations – together in Xubuntu 22.10

Xfce Applications

The Xfce desktop brings its own native set of applications. All the apps are bumped to version 4.17 from 4.16 in this release.

Noteworthy changes include the Xfce panel getting middle-click support for the tasklist plugin and binary time mode in the tray clock. The pulse audio plugin introduces a new recording indicator and can filter out multiple button press events.

Thunar file manager gets a massive set of under-the-hood features and bug fixes. It’s vast if you compare Thunar 4.16 to Thunar 4.17. Changes include an updated context menu, path bar, search, navigation and more. You can read the entire change log of Thunar here.

Moreover, the screenshot application screenshooter gets WebP support by default. Bluetooth manager Blueman receives a profile switcher right from the system tray and updates the Catfish file search tool.

Here’s the updated list of Xfce application versions and a link to their change log (if you want to dig further).

Look and Feel

The default elementary-xfce icon set (both light and dark) gets updated icon set with extra polished icons to give your Xfce desktop a new look. The default Greybird GTK theme gets the necessary improvements for window decorations and added Openbox support.

One of the important and visible changes you might notice is the ALT+TAB look. The icons are a little larger and more comfortable for eyes for faster window switching with a dark background.

Refreshed icon set sample in elementary-xfce with Xubuntu 22.10
Refreshed icon set sample in elementary-xfce with Xubuntu 22.10
ALT TAB is refreshed with larger icons
ALT TAB is refreshed with larger icons

The above changes align the default applications with the base Ubuntu 22.10 release. Here’s a summary of the changes in Xubuntu 22.10.


  • Linux Kernel 5.19 and based on Ubuntu 22.10
  • Xfce desktop version 4.17
  • Native applications are all updated to 4.17
  • The core aligns with GNOME 43, libadwaita, GTK4
  • MATE apps bump to 1.26
  • Mozilla Firefox web-browser 105.0
  • Thunderbird email client 102.3
  • LibreOffice
  • Firefox 106 (Snap)

Wrapping up

The most critical changes of Xfce desktop as a whole are arriving in version 4.18. For example, the initial Wayland support, updated glib and GTK packages. If all goes well, you can expect these finest changes in next year’s April release of Xubuntu.

Finally, you can download the ISO image from this page if you want to try it.


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