Xubuntu 22.04 LTS – New Features and Release Details

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A list of new features in Xubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) and additional information about the release.

Xubuntu 22.04 Desktop
Xubuntu 22.04 Desktop

Xubuntu 22.04 LTS – New Features

Xubuntu 22.04 LTS is powered by Linux Kernel 5.15 and underlying packages from Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. In addition to that, the default desktop environment version is Xfce 4.16. The Xfce desktop environment did not see any significant release since its release in Dec 2020.

Even so the Xfce desktop version 4.16 remained as the Xubuntu 21.10 (last release), and the desktop components and native applications get some improvements and bug fixes.

Perhaps the vital work in this release is the initial support for GTK4 and libhandy in the Greybird theme (via version 3.23.1). That means the GTK4 apps from the GNOME ecosystem look good in Xubuntu with their theme.

Application Updates

The default file manager Thunar 4.16.10 adds several performance improvements, including regression fixes, translation updates and under the hood changes. Although while scanning the changelog, I could not find anything substantial to report which is visible to the user. But if you are interested, you can read the NEWS file in detail here.

In fact, Thunar is now under development with Xfce 4.17, which contains some exciting changes. But unfortunately, we all need to wait for that in the short term release because it’s too early to feature those in a long term version.

Apart from that, Xfce Terminal remains in 0.8.10 in this release. Similar to Thunar, Xfce Terminal 1.0.0 major updates won’t be available in this LTS release.

Besides these two, other desktop components remain with their last stable version with Xfce Panel 4.16.3, Xfce window manager 4.16.1 and Xfce Desktop 4.16. It is worth mentioning that Xfce is still working on the GTK4 transition, and not much clarity is available on the schedule.

Furthermore, the native applications see their version bumped to the latest stable iteration. But one significant change is Firefox executable is now a Snap version in Xubuntu 22.04 following Ubuntu. So, ideally, users would not feel any difference but may face some issues with extensions and other utilities due to its sandbox nature.

In addition to that, Xubuntu 22.04 expects a few nice wallpapers from the community contest, including a default one. The results are pending. However, you can find out some exciting submissions on this page.

Summary and Download

To sum up, major core frameworks, apps and their versions are down below.

  • GNOME 42
  • GTK 3.24.32
  • MATE 1.26
  • Xfce 4.16
  • Firefox 99
  • Thunderbird 91.8
  • Atril Document Viewer 1.26
  • Engrampa Archive Manager 1.26
  • Ristretto Image Viewer 0.12.2
  • LibreOffice 7.3.x
  • Catfish 4.16.3
  • Mousepad 0.5.8

Finally, to download the official ISO image of Xubuntu 22.04, refer to the link below to the image file. You can try to install on a virtual machine or try it in a physical system.

Via official changelog


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