Darktable RAW Image Editor 3.0 Brings Huge Updates

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Darktable 3.0 released with major changes.

Darktable is a professional RAW image editor with workflow capability targeted to the professional photographers, editors. Often named in a list of other professional image programs such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP – darktable is mainly aimed to streamline the photographer’s workflow by handling a large set of images.


This free and open-source image program released version 3.0 with some major changes. Here’s what’s new.

What’s New in darktable 3.0

For a complete list of changes refer to this post.

Download and Install

To install the latest Darktable 3.0 – head over to the below link for download options for your operating system.

For Ubuntu and related derivatives, OpenSuse Build service provides executable deb files which you can directly download and install.

Grab the 64bit deb files from the below link and install it via Software in Ubuntu/Linux Mint.

Download for *Ubuntu 19.10 (64 bit) – deb file

Download for *Ubuntu 18.04 (64 bit) – deb file

Remember – darktable database changes in each version – so you can’t go back to earlier versions. So, before you install/upgrade – it is recommended to take a backup of ~/.config/darktable/ directory.

Via darktable blog.

Main Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay


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