DeaDBeeF – The Ultimate Music Player for Ubuntu, Linux Mint

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DeaDBeeF is a simple and lightweight audio player written in C and C++ with minimal set of dependencies based on native GTK.

DeeDBeef comes with 40+ plugins which can enhance the music listening experience.

DeeDBeef recently release a minor version with mostly bug fixes.

DeaDBeeF Feature Highlights

Some of the useful features of DeeDBeef are:

  • plays mp3, ogg, flac/oga, ape, wav, wv/iso.wv, aac/m4a, alac, mpc/mpp/mp+, tta, wma, shn, sid, nsf, mod, s3m, vtx, vgm/vgz, psf, midi, audio cds, all formats supported by ffmpeg, dumb, gme, libsndfile, adplug, and more!
  • light on memory and CPU use
  • expandable through plugins
  • supports cuesheets (from .cue files, and embedded), reading and writing m3u and pls playlists
  • plays internet radio (shoutcast, icecast, mms), as well as normal mp3 files over http and ftp (e.g. from podcasts)

DeaDBeeF Version 0.7.1 Changes

  • fixed GTKUI maximized window layout saving/restoring
  • fixed GTKUI maximized window column autoresize saving/restoring
  • fixed artwork plugin version checks
  • disabled bogus shift-jis detection, which was overriding cp1252
  • fixed mp3 bitrate calculation regression
  • fixed wrong padding of formatted time
  • fixed importing legacy title formatting fields bug
  • fixed incorrect output format after resuming paused session
  • fixed $ext title formatting bug
  • fixed %tracknumber% title formatting bug
  • fixed auto-updating title formatting fields
  • fixed FreeBSD compile issues
  • fixed cache cleaner crash bug
  • fixed crash when trying to play GYM files
  • fixed importing legacy playlist grouping config
  • fixed FLAC metadata field mapping
  • fixed FLAC metadata track/total and disc/total splitting

–via DeaDBeef Changelog

How to Install

Ubuntu, Mint, elementary, Debian

To install DeaDBeeF 0.7.1 using terminal run below commands in sequence. Enter password when prompted.

64 bit

sudo dpkg -i deadbeef-static_0.7.1-1_amd64.deb

32 bit

sudo dpkg -i deadbeef-static_0.7.1-1_i386.deb


DeaDBeeF Running in Ubuntu

DeaDBeeF Track Prop

DeaDBeeF tag w

DeaDBeeF Conv

DeaDBeeF pref

You can find more screenshots here.

DeaDBeeF in Action – Some Cool Screenshots




If you are facing problem using DeaDBeeF, drop a comment using comment box below. If you think its a bug, report in the bug tracker.

How to uninstall

To uninstall DeaDBeeF run below commands in terminal.

sudo dpkg -r deadbeef-static

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