elementary OS 6 Odin Promises Complete Dark Style

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The upcoming major release of elementary OS 6 – code-named “Odin” is under development. In a recent announcement, the team promises about the complete dark style across the system with applications.

This page may contain out-dated information. Please read the final release coverage of elementary OS 6 here.

Typically elementary team provides monthly updates to the current stable release elementary OS 5.1 Hera. Those mostly the small tweaks and feature updates to the OS aren’t that big to be noticed. However, major changes, core modules – are planned for the major release due to the complexity, testing effort among other reasons.

When we took a look at the new features of elementary OS 6 a while back, it was not much revealed on what’s coming in the new major release. As we progress towards the final product, it is evident that elementary OS 6 Odin is going to be a massive release.

Dark Mode work in progress in elementary 6
Dark Mode work in progress in elementary 6

elementary OS 6 Odin – Complete Dark Style

Implementing a Dark style or Dark Theme is a tricky process. That too, if you are planning to implement it system-wide. For example, the recent introduction of Dark Theme Ubuntu 18.04 earlier, provides a dark theme’ option via settings. When you apply this, basic apps change to dark themes. But if you installed other applications which don’t specifically support dark theme from the system, well it looks odd. Not a true dark themed desktop.

Clearly, elementary OS 6 Odin solving this challenge and implementing system-wide dark mode. The team is planning to expose the system-wide dark mode via gsettings or Dbus endpoints. The application owners can implement necessary tweaks for their apps by consuming those endpoints to identify that the dark mode is turned on by the user.

The Flatpak applications which run in a sandbox mode – might not be able to take advantage of the implementation (for now). Because it might expose the Flatpack to the outside environment although it’s just a flag to be consumed by the Flatpak application. The team is working on this, and more to come.

The entire work is still is in progress by the team and you can only get early access to elementary 6 Odin .iso via below link (payable).


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