Fedora 22 Released with better Notifications and Improvements

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Fedora, the second most popular Linux distribution after Ubuntu recently released version 22 after year long wait of development cycles. This release sees a major upgrades over many things and newer features also introduced. Fedora 22 released contains installations for Workstations, Cloud, Server editions.

I gave Fedora 22 Workstations a try and was stunned by the quality of Fedora 22 over 21. Here is a sneak peak of Fedora 22 workstation and its features:

Gnome 3.16

Fedora 22 comes with latest Gnome 3.16 and includes most of its features. Clean UI of Gnome 3.16 contains top menu bar with ‘Activities’, date and time in the middle and volume control, connectivity at the right top corner. Quick access to connectivity, battery status, volumes, settings.

Gnome shells and other themes are refined and improved. Now you can easily customize windows sizes, menus etc.

This edition also includes Gnome Wayland and Gnome classic both for all types of users.

Fedora22 Gnome Menu
Fedora22 Gnome Menu
Fedora 22 Gnome Options
Fedora 22 Gnome Options

Application Improvements

Software: Revamped software app comes with more data about software available for Fedora. It displays featured software along with categories in detail to assist user to able to find all types of apps as needed.

Fedora 22 Software Home
Fedora 22 Software Home
Fedora 22 Software List
Fedora 22 Software List
Fedora 22 Software Search
Fedora 22 Software Search

Files: File manager looks clean and awesome. Quick options available with just single clicks such as view settings, search files, new file/folder creations.

Fedora 22 - File Manager
Fedora 22 – File Manager

Default Apps

  • LibreOffice 4.4
  • Cheese Webcam Manager
  • Shotwell Photo Manager
  • Transmission Torrent Client
  • Notes for quick notes
  • Maps for Gnome
  • Rythmbox
  • Evolution
  • Totem Movie Player

Revamped Notification

With Fedora 22, you can control notification at global level or at the application level by choosing proper options.

Revamped Notifications
Revamped Notifications

Package Management

Fedora 22 comes with a major change in package management. It replaces the ‘yum’ package manager with ‘dnf’. Dnf is like yum but it is rewritten and re-engineered to provide optimal performance. So, instead of commands like ‘yum install’, users would be using ‘dnf install’

yum is replaced by dnf
yum is replaced by dnf


If you are not a fan of Gnome 3.16 desktop, Fedora comes with other flavors also calls spins. Alternative desktops are available for Fedora installations such as KDE Plasma 5, Xfce 4.12, LXDE, Mate-Compiz.

A brand new site is dedicated and launched with this release exclusively for spins:

Download Fedora 22

Head over to below link to download Fedora 22 for your desktop/ laptop/ server:

If you are upgradng from previous releases, refer:

For easy upgrade, using fedup


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