Fedora Workstation, Server 31 Released. Here’s What’s New

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Fedora 31 released with extensive feature sets and updates. Have a look.

Fedora Linux the Linux distribution developed by community supported Fedora project and sponsored by Red Hat lands yet another milestone with the release of Fedora Workstation 31.

This release brings many exciting new changes and features with its workstation, server release alongside its “spins”. Here’s what’s new.

What’s new in Fedora 31

Wayland Improvements

More Wayland improvements coming with this release which brings us XWayland-on-demand. This frees up the system and other resources. Now XWayland only run when in need by legacy X applications instead of starting and running it all the time. This makes the underlying desktop environment GNOME 3.34 bit more fast. If you would like to read more about GNOME 3.34 features check out our cover here.

Work has been done in this release to make Firefox run natively in Wayland and works well.

Remember, Wayland will still be disabled in Fedora 31 if you use Nvidia binary driver. This is due to the fact that Nvidia binary driver is closed source and Nvidia needs to work on its acceleration for Wayland support.

Atomic kernel modsetting

If you are using advanced monitors with multiple display, you can feel less latency in mouse movement and screen repaint.

QtGnome improvements

More improvement coming in QtGnome module in this release. Now your Qt apps would integrate well in Fedora Workstation aligning them with latest changes in Adwaita theme along with dark variants.

Firmware improvements

Linux Vendor Firmware Service a.k.a LVFS is more improved in this release with more vendor is coming in with their hardware info for support.

Improved Video Play with OpenH264

The OpenH264 which is the open source version of Cisco’s H264 encoding sees major improvement in Fedora 31. “This new version adds support for the High and Advanced profiles of H264 which is what most videos found online or produced by your camera would be using.” Now you can add H264 playback support in Fedora 31 without installing 3rd party repositories.

… and many more improvements.

Refer to the detailed blog post here for detailed Fedora 31 changes.

How to Download

Fedora 31 (workstation and server) are immediately available for download from below link.

Download Fedora 31

If you like to get the Fedora 31 spins i.e. KDE, Cinnamon, XFCE, LxQT, MATE and more spins – head over to below link for your favorite DE.

Download Fedora 31 Spins

Enjoy the Fedora 31 Workstation release.

Via Fedora magazine


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