How to Fix Ubuntu Boot when GRUB2 is Messed Up

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Dual boot systems which are having multiple OS running in a single desktop/laptop via logical partitions, often prone to GRUB issues. In this quick guide, we explain how you can use ‘Boot Repair’ to repair GRUB in Ubuntu and other Linux.

While installing Linux/Ubuntu or Windows – there is a chance of GRUB corruption. If that happens, not everything is lost. There is still a chance that you can boot to your desired OS. Follow the below steps.

  • Insert the Ubuntu Live Disk/USB Stick. You can use the disk/USB stick that you have used to Install Ubuntu or you can download Ubuntu Live desktop Image from here and write it to a USB/Disk. Ironically this step requires a working machine and if you happen to mess up the only working computer – then, well, maybe you should take help from your friends/colleagues.
  • If you have the Live Ubuntu CD/USB Stick is ready then plug/insert it in and reboot.
  • While booting, try choosing the option “Try Ubuntu”.
  • After Ubuntu boot finished and the desktop appears, open terminal (CTRL+ALT+T).
  • Type below commands
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair

This will install the boot-repair GUI program and below window would open.


If you want, you can customize various options using the advanced options menu. But I would suggest leaving them alone with their default options.

  • Click the recommended repair options button.
  • Reboot after unplugging/removing USB/Disk.

You should be now able to boot and can see GRUB with your OS menu.

You can also refer to the Live CD provided by the boot-repair program, in case if you don’t have the Ubuntu Live CD available. You can download the .ISO files from the project ย @ SFย and burn it/write them to a disk/USB and boot from it.


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