This page contains the list of alternative and useful graphics softwares for Linux systems including Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, elementary, Fedora, RHEL.


  1. Pinta & Pencil: 2 Drawing Applications for MS Paint alternatives in Ubuntu
  2. Pinta 1.6 Released – A Paint Alternative for Ubuntu
  3. Tux Paint – A Drawing Program for Kids – How to Install and use

Photo Editor

  1. Create Collage in Ubuntu Using PhotoCollage
  2. Inkscape – The Best Vector Graphics App for Ubuntu – How to Install and Use

Photo Management

  1. Fotoxx – A Photo Management Software for Linux – How to Install and Use

RAW Image Editor

  1. Darktable 1.6.7 Released – A Photo Workflow Application and RAW Image Editor


  1. Dia & Yed: Two best diagramming softwares for Ubuntu

Digital Painting

  1. MyPaint – Touch Sensitive Graphics Tablet Enabled Digital Painting App for Ubuntu for Artists

Batch Image Converter

  1. Converseen – A Batch Image Converter and Resizer

GIF Creator

  1. ImageMagick, ffmpeg, QGifer, byzanz, silentcast: A Complete Guide to Create GIF in Linux

Screenshot Snipping Tool

  1. Shutter – A Replacement for Windows Snipping/Screenshot tool in Ubuntu

Video Thumbnails Creator

  1. Create Video Thumbnail Image Using screengen in Ubuntu

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