How to Add Show Desktop in Ubuntu 18.04, 18.10 in Dock

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This tutorial would show you how to add show desktop feature in Ubuntu.

Show desktop feature dropped from Ubuntu during transition to GNOME 3 desktop environment. However, you can still create a desktop shortcut add it to the Panel, Dock.

Typically, when you press Super+d or CTRL+Alt+d – all the opened windows become minimized or restored. This following method can help you to do that.

Steps to Add Show Desktop Icon

  • Open terminal and run below commands to install xdotool.
sudo apt install xdotool
  • Create a .desktop file, named show-desktop.desktop – using below commands.
gedit ~/.local/share/applications/show-desktop.desktop
  • In the file, copy below entries and paste.
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Show Desktop
Exec=xdotool key --clearmodifiers Super+d
  • Save and close gedit.
  • Now search the show desktop in application search and right click -> Add to favourites to add it in the dock.
Show Desktop in Ubuntu 18.04
Show Desktop in Ubuntu 18.04
  • Now you would be able to use the icon to minimize all the open windows and show the desktop.

Note: Above steps will not work on Ubuntu on Wayland sessions as the xdotool simulates X11 mouse and keyboard events. 



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