How to Fix Flatpak Installation Error

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A definitive fix for the Flatpak installation error: runtime/org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/1.6 not installed.

Fix for Flatpak Installation Error

Flatpak is a new way of distributing apps in the Linux ecosystem and while enabling Flatpak you may face some unwanted errors like below:

error: runtime/org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/1.6 not installed

If you interrupt the process while enabling Flatpak repositories due to some reasons e.g. internet connectivity lost etc, the Flatpak installation remains incomplete and may unstable your system. There is a likely chance that you may get the above error while installing any Flatpak apps after you encountered the above error.


Before trying the fix, make sure your Linux system is up to date. Make sure to install all pending updates from your official Linux distribution repository and do a clean reboot.

If you face the above error, run the below command from the terminal and reboot the computer. This command would correct any missing packages/errors and make your system usable for Flatpak.

Remember that the following command will update all your installed applications and runtimes to the latest version.

flatpak update -v

After reboot, try to perform the operation which you were trying to do. It would be resolved.

Further Fixes

If the above command and steps do not work, then try the following in the order they mentioned below. These may or may not work because of a variety of configurations and system states.

flatpak uninstall --unused
flatpak repair

Then restart and try.

If this solved your error, let me know using the comment box below.


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