HP Releases Z Series Laptops with Official Ubuntu 20.04 Support

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Computer maker HP announced its latest offering Z series of laptops with certified Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

HP Z Series
HP Z Series

Named ZBook Fury G7 15 and 17 – the new HP workstations are for professionals who want to work on ML and AI with a combination of powerful hardware and rock-solid Ubuntu 20.04 LTS base.

Not only that, but the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS also available with other Z series laptops as well HP Z4, Z6, and Z8 G4 models.

As Nilay Patel, Product Manager for Ubuntu Desktop said –

“We are excited to see the launch of HP’s new Z range of workstations and desktops certified with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The combination of HP’s advanced hardware capabilities and Ubuntu provides an ideal platform for data scientists and AI developers. With enterprises increasingly recognizing the need to equip developers with the tools of their choice, this new range will enable enhanced productivity through the latest data science tools, utilities, and deep learning and ML libraries”

The best thing about getting a powerful laptop with Ubuntu loaded by OEM is you do not need to spend or worry about Wifi, Bluetooth, and fingerprint authentication at all. All of these modules are already tested and works from the very first boot of your HP laptop.

Not only that, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS being a long term release – you get software and security updates for up to 10 years. which is great if you are thinking about it as a daily workhorse.

Spec – HP Z Series

  • NVIDIA GPU works out of the box with drivers installed
  • Full snap store support with popular collaboration and common applications – VS Code, Slack, Spotify, Plex
  • Ubuntu 20.04 pre-loaded when you buy
  • Remote computing enabled
  • Intel® 125W 10-core processors
  • Up to NVIDIA® Quadro® RTX 3000 graphics


The HP Z series model prices can vary. Refer below the table for pricing and availability.

ModelStarting PriceWhen Available
HP ZCentral 4R$2099October_2020
HP Z2 Mini G5$899September_2020
HP Z2 Small Form Factor G5$849September_2020
HP Z2 Tower G5$869September_2020
HP ZBook Fury 15$1989September_2020
ZBook Fury 17$2039September_2020

Keep an eye on hp.com and e-commerce sites for the launch updates.

Whether you are a developer, average user, student, or a professional, this is an ideal laptop series if you are looking for a new Linux laptop. Although there’s plenty of Linux laptop on the news lately – Lenovo, System 76, and so on.


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