How to Install Themes in Xfce or Xubuntu

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A simple guide on how to install themes in Xubuntu or any Linux distribution featuring Xfce desktop.

Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment known for its simplicity, speed, and customization options. It has necessary tools that allow users to personalize their Xfce experience, is the ability to install and apply different themes.

Due to its popularity, the Xfce desktop is featured by many leading Linux distributions such as Xubuntu, Arch Linux, etc.

This article will explore the step-by-step process of installing themes on Xfce desktop and Xubuntu.

Where to download themes?

There are many places you can download Xfce themes. You can visit the official theme page or the xfce-look or pling website. The links present below.

How to download and install themes in Xfce or in Xubuntu

  • When you visit a detailed theme page on the xfce-look website, you can see a “Download” link on the right side. Click on it to download the compressed theme package.
  • Extract the files in your downloads folder.
  • Then copy the top-level theme folders to the ~/.themes (or /home/<username>/.themes) folder. If the “.themes” folder is not present in your home directory, create it.
  • After installation, open the Applications > Settings > Appearance tool. In the Style tab, you should see the new theme name. Click on the theme to apply.
How to install and use themes in Xfce desktop
How to install and use themes on Xfce desktop
  • Xfce desktop needs several window manager settings as per the theme.
  • Go to Applications > Settings > Window Manager.
  • Open the Style Tab and select the theme name from the list.
Set the theme in Window manager in Xfce
Set the theme in Window manager in Xfce
  • Open the window manager settings from Applications > Settings > Window Manager tweaks.
  • Go to the compositor tab.
  • Then enable display compositing.
  • And make sure most of the option under it is enabled.
  • Change the opacity of popup windows to the left using the ruler as per your transparency needs.
Change some items in Windows manager tweaks
Change some items in Windows manager tweaks

After you complete all the above steps, you should see all the changes reflected in the Xfce desktop as per the theme’s features.

Troubleshooting Theme Installation Issues

Sometimes, you may encounter issues while installing or applying themes in Xfce or Xubuntu. Here are a few troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure that the theme package you downloaded is compatible with your version of Xfce or Xubuntu.
  • Check if the theme requires any additional dependencies or plugins. Install them if needed.
  • If a theme doesn’t appear as expected after installation, restart your Xfce session to apply the changes.

Wrapping up

I hope this simple and step-by-step instruction helps you to install, apply and customize themes in any Linux distributions featuring the Xfce desktop environment.


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