lnav – Log File Viewer for Linux – Releases version 0.8.4

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lnav releases version 0.8.4 and here are the updates.

lnav is a free and open source log file navigator capable of reading and merging multiple log files and provide a colorful representation of logs. This cross platform utility is capable of various unique features such as single timeline of logs from multiple sources, SQL query support for logs, syntax highlighting and regex searching inside logs and many more.

lnav - Running in Ubuntu
lnav – Running in Ubuntu

Here are some of its features at a glance.


  • Support for multiple types of log files with auto format detection
  • Support for web access logs (apache), CUPS, syslog, glog, dpkg.log etc.
  • Single view based on message timestamps from multiple logs reducing multiple file cross referencing
  • Search filtering based on regular expression
  • Reformatting of structure data (XML/JSON) for easier readings
  • Query logs using SQL commands in SQLite virtual tables
  • LIVE viewer – you can keep lnav open and it can update based on log files updation
  • Tab completion and syntax highlighting

You can read more about the features in detail in this page.

lnav releases version 0.8.4 with considerable features additions, UI updates and bug fixes. A detailed change log is present here.

How to Install

To install lnav in Ubuntu 18.04, 18.10, Linux Mint, xubuntu, lubuntu, elementary, grab the deb file from below link and use Software to install.

Download lnav_0.8.4_amd64.deb

For Fedora, you can grab the rpm package directly from GitHub using below link.

Download lnav-0.8.4-1.x86_64.rpm


After installation, you can run lnav by opening terminal and typing the command “lnav“.

lnav have a small learning curve as it is feature rich and command line driven. You can find online documentation/manual of lnav in this link.


Drop a comment below if you like lnav/having trouble installing and using.


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