Modern and Traditional ArcMenu v47 is here with Major Updates

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The ArcMenu team announced the release of its latest version of the traditional and modern menu system for GNOME desktops. 

ArcMenu is a configurable and dynamic menu system available for GNOME desktop environments that looks awesome and customizable to give your GNOME desktop a fresh look. You can check out this video to see how you can give your GNOME desktop environment a complete makeover using ArcMenu.ย 

ArcMenu v47
ArcMenu v47

This release of ArcMenu v47 fixes some existing bugs and alongside it is bringing feature addition as well. Here’s a quick summary of the changes.

What’s new in ArcMenu v47

  • A new menu layout ‘tognee menu’ is introduced. This gives a fresh view of your desktop main application menu.
  • Tognee menu items also can be grouped together via alphabetized view.
  • Frequent apps options are added to the default menu layout.
  • The menu presets can show the color palette as well.
  • New icon UI shows the preview fo menu icons which include additional new icons as well.
New Icon UI
New Icon UI
  • New option to clear application marked as new.
  • New tweaks introduced to flip layout horizontally and search bar locations.

Some of the other notable enhancements include – Improvement in mouse scrolling speed and smoothness, updated keyboard navigation, Bold application title label on tooltips when a description is showing, Update various larger icon layouts to have less wasted space.

Install ArcMenu in GNOME Desktop

You can install ArcMenu in your GNOME desktop environment using website. Currently, the latest version 47 is not yet live on the above website as it is waiting for code review. However, you can still install the available ArcMenu version 46 right now. Once the latest version is available, you will be notified of updates.

Remember ArcMenu 47 is compatible with Gnome 3.36+ and above, which of course the default GNOME desktop environment version for the majority of the Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 20.04 LTS etc.ย 

Via release announcement.


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