Change the Default LibreOffice Look and Feel [Tutorial]

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A quick tip on how to change the default toolbar look in LibreOffice.

The default LibreOffice look/theme, a.k.a breeze theme, is quite dull and colourless.

It is indeed straightforward, but the lack of colours sometimes makes finding the menu and toolbar options challenging. There are some more themes available – 7 themes to be exact which can be quickly installed in your system. This can make your LibreOffice look excellent and more professional, which may increase your productivity.

Change the Default Toolbar Look of LibreOffice


Open a terminal window and run the following command in Ubuntu and related distribution.

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-style*

This command will install 7 new awesome themes for LibreOffice icons. They are:

  • elementary
  • hicontrast
  • human
  • tango
  • oxygen
  • sifr
  • Galaxy

How to Activate

  • After successful installation, open LibreOffice (Calc, IMpress or Writer).
  • Go to Menu : Tools -> Options.
  • Under LibreOffice Tab, Click View.
  • Under the User Interface section, click the icon size and style drop-down.
  • Choose your favourite theme.
  • Click ok.
Options - LibreOffice - View_026

This will activate your favourite theme.


Here are some screen-grab of the above themes.

Oxygen LibreOffice Theme
Oxygen LibreOffice Theme
Human LibreOffice Theme
Human LibreOffice Theme
Sifr LibreOffice Theme
Sifr LibreOffice Theme
LibreOffice Galaxy Theme
LibreOffice Galaxy Theme
Tango Theme - LibreOffice
Tango Theme – LibreOffice
High Contrast - LibreOffice Theme
High Contrast – LibreOffice Theme
Elementary - LibreOffice Theme
Elementary – LibreOffice Theme

How to try the Ribbon in LibreOffice?

  • LibreOffice also features the Ribbon-based interface if you prefer them. They are different from the traditional legacy toolbar. Here’s how to apply them.
    • Open LibreOffice.
    • Then choose from menu, View > User Interface.
    • In the new UI window, Select Tabbed as UI variant.
    • Then click on Apply to only this program (such as Calc or Writer). Or, you can click Apply To All so that the new interface gets applied to all the modules.
Change default LibreOffice Look using Tabbed interface
Change default LibreOffice Look using Tabbed interface
  • You can also try out other options such as Single Toolbar, Tabbed Compact and so on.
  • If you want to revert back to the legacy toolbar, open the above dialog again and select Standard Toolbar.

What about making it look like Microsoft Office?

We also have a nice guide on making LibreOffice look like Microsoft office, which you may want to check out here.

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have shown you how easily you can change the default toolbar look of LibreOffice. Also, show you how you can try the modern ribbon UI.

I hope this helps you to personalize LibreOffice as your own.


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