System76 Laptops Now Available with Open Source Firmware

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The open source centric Laptop manufacturer introduced two models with open source firmware.

System76, the american computer manufacturer is on a launch streak it seems. Earlier they launched First 4K based Linux Laptop, and now they have announced the launch of two Laptop models with open source firmware.

Open source firmware in a Linux based laptop is a big deal, because you can get rid of (mostly) proprietery firmware which helps the device to boot. The new laptops – named – Galaga Pro and Darter Pro, coming up with open firmware and in-house developed Ubuntu based operating system Pop!_OS.


The firmware is based upon Coreboot which is a fast, secure and flexible OpenSource firmware that is available today. Coreboot, formerly known as LinuxBIOS is a software project aimed at replacing proprietary firmware (BIOS or UEFI) found in most computers with a lightweight firmware designed to perform only the minimum number of tasks necessary to load and run a modern 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

“Powered by Coreboot, our lightweight open source firmware gets users from boot screen to desktop 29 percent faster. Removing unnecessary features from the firmware such as network connectivity and execution environments also decreases the potential for vulnerability, meaning users who upgrade to the new laptops will benefit from increased security”

– System76

Galaga Pro and Darter Pro – Specification Summary

Here’s a quick summary of both the laptops.

Galago Pro
Galago Pro

  • 14″ 1080P Matte Display
  • 10th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7
  • Up to 32GB Dual Channel DDR4
  • System76 Open Firmware with Coreboot
  • Detailed spec is available here.
Darter Pro
Darter Pro
  • Exceptional battery life
  • 15.6″ Matte IPS Display
  • 10th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7
  • Up to 32GB Dual Channel DDR4
  • System76 Open Firmware with Coreboot
  • Detailed spec can be found here.

Price and Buy

The specification of both the models are very powerful and mainly targeted to heavy users who needs computing power as well as basic users as well. Having said that, Galaga Pro starts with $ 949 and Darter Pro with $ 999. Both the models comes with flexible per-month pricing which you can avail.

If you are interested, head over to below links for immediate pre-order and buy.

Via System76 Tweet


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