Zorin OS 17: Best New Features

Zorin OS 17 delivers a new level of user experience with innovative features like Spatial Desktop, a revamped Software Store, and advanced window tiling. Discover a faster, smoother, and more productive workflow.3 min

Zorin OS has consistently impressed us with its user-friendly interface, macOS-like aesthetic, and focus on performance. Its latest release, Zorin OS 17, raises the bar even further with many exciting new features and improvements that enhance productivity, multitasking, and overall user experience.

In this article, we briefly discuss the new features of Zorin OS 17 (currently in beta testing).

Zorin 17 desktop
Zorin 17 desktop

Zorin OS 17: Best New Features

At the core, this version is based on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS. Hence, it is powered by Linux Kernel 6.2 as per the Ubuntu base. With this, you get the base GNOME version 43.9 as well. All the additional core packages follow the Ubuntu LTS version.

With that, several new enhancements are specifically customized for this desktop. Let’s take a look.

Enhanced Navigation and Multitasking

  • Universal Search: The Zorin Menu now boasts a powerful universal search function, allowing you to find files, appointments, contacts, apps, and even perform calculations. This streamlines your workflow and eliminates the need to delve into multiple folders and applications.
  • Multitasking Redefined: Zorin OS 17 introduces a refined activities overview with horizontally arranged workspaces. You can effortlessly switch between them using touchpad gestures or keyboard shortcuts. The double-tap feature on the Super key expands the app grid for easy access and organization.
Universal search in Zorin 17
Universal search in Zorin 17

Spatial Desktop for Next-Gen Multitasking

  • Desktop Cube: Take your multitasking to a new dimension with the Desktop Cube. This feature allows you to view all your workspaces simultaneously, offering a unique and intuitive way to navigate between them.
  • Spatial Window Switcher: The Alt+Tab and Super+Tab dialogs have been replaced by a 3D window switcher, providing a more visually appealing and informative way to manage your open windows.
Spatial switcher
Spatial desktop cube

Unmatched Performance and Efficiency

  • Snappier and Smoother: Zorin OS 17 is optimized for both new and older hardware, delivering a dramatically smoother and more responsive experience. This means faster app loading times, smoother animations, and overall improved efficiency.
  • Refreshed Software Store: The Software Store has been revamped with a modern design and improved navigation. Discover new apps with ease and enjoy a faster, more streamlined installation process.

Advanced Features for Power Users

  • Window Tiling: Get more done with the new advanced window-tiling feature. Quickly snap windows to specific screen sections using keyboard shortcuts or quarter-screen corner tiling.
  • Power Modes: Extend your battery life or maximize your performance with the new Power Modes. Switch between Balanced, Power Saver, and Performance modes to suit your needs.
Advanced tiling in Zorin OS 17
Advanced tiling in Zorin OS 17

Additional Improvements

Re-designed quick settings
Re-designed quick settings
  • New Quick Settings: The system indicator menu has been redesigned for improved functionality and aesthetics. Access Dark Mode, adjust audio settings, and manage Power Modes with ease.
  • Enhanced Screenshot & Screen Recording: Capture specific screen areas, entire desktops, or even record videos with the new intuitive interface.
  • Redesigned Weather App: Stay informed with the beautiful and information-rich redesigned Weather app.
  • Parental Controls: Create a safe environment for your children with the new Parental Controls feature.
  • Streamlined Pre-installed Apps: Zorin OS 17 focuses on essential apps, making it ideal for professional environments.
  • Remote Desktop Sharing with RDP: Enjoy a seamless and secure remote desktop experience with the default RDP protocol.
  • Better Hardware Support: Zorin OS 17 boasts updated drivers for enhanced compatibility with new hardware.
  • Updated Theme Styling: The desktop and apps benefit from a refined theme that works seamlessly with native Gtk4 and libadwaita apps.
  • Long-Term Support: Enjoy peace of mind with guaranteed software updates and security patches until June 2027.


Zorin OS 17 represents a significant leap forward for the distribution. It’s a perfect balance of aesthetics with performance – as everything should be! It’s clear that the team have listened to user feedback and implemented features that address real needs and enhance the overall user experience.

That said, it is currently in beta. You can give it a try using the ISO file from the below link.

On another note, I think the Zorin team should offer one Fedora and Arch Linux base with the same looks.

Image credits: Zorin OS team.

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