Top 10 Most Beautiful Linux Distributions [Featured]

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We give you the top 10 most beautiful Linux distributions of 2024. They are a visual treat to your eyes while being a robust operating system.

The most fantastic thing about Linux Distributions is you can customize them to any extent to satisfy your visual needs. Whether based on Ubuntu or Fedora, you have all the tools you need to customize a Linux desktop.

But many Linux Distributions look stunning without any customization. The developers have made them so that you can experience the visual treat right after installation without any additional effort on customization.

Hence, we compiled a list of the most beautiful Linux distributions you can try right now and give your PC a visual makeover.

Most Beautiful Linux Distributions of 2024

Zorin OS

The first Linux Distribution that we would like to feature is Zorin OS. The Zorin OS is a beautiful Linux distribution that uses Zorin Desktop based on GNOME. It is perfect for newcomers who want a nice desktop but are also productive at the same time.

One unique feature of Zorin OS is its ability to transform its look to make it like any other operating system. That means the taskbar, application menu, and Dock can change with just one click option from its Layout settings, giving you the utmost flexibility and out-of-the-box experience while using ZorinOS.

Zorin OS 16 Desktop
Zorin OS 16 Desktop

Elementary OS

The elementaryOS is one of the most beautiful Linux distributions today based on the Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) release. This Linux Distribution uses the stunning Pantheon Desktop environment, whose look and feel are inspired by macOS.

The elementary OS is perfect for those coming from macOS to the Linux world as they would find many things familiar, such as gestures and window decorations.

However, you may not find many customization options available in elementary OS settings. You may need to depend on external script commands to make further customization. However, the default looks are beautiful and serve their purpose for most users.

The most significant advantage of elementary OS is its curated app store. The App Store provides you with all categories of applications specially designed for the elementary OS, which looks and works great.

elementary OS 6 ODIN Desktop
elementary OS 6 ODIN Desktop

Deepin OS

The third distribution which we would like to highlight is Deepin OS. The Deepin OS is based on Debian and was created by Deepin Technology Co from China. It uses its own Deepin Desktop Environment based on Qt. The Deepin desktop looks incredible with its widgets, colour schemes, window decorations, and wallpapers that give you an out-of-the-box visual treat.

With its well-polished visual components, you may think it looks almost similar to macOS. And thanks to the Debian “stable” branch, Deepin OS is the perfect choice if you want an excellent-looking Linux distribution with stability.

Why is Deepin OS beautiful?

  • Awesome Qt-based Deepin Desktop
  • Native widgets and dark theme support
  • Several options to customize the Dock
  • Transparency, Window effects, CursDockheme, Icon Theme support
  • Accent Color
Deepin 20 Desktop
Deepin 20 Desktop

Cutefish OS

Note: Cutefish OS is currently not under active development, however you can try the older releases.

The fourth Linux Distribution which we feature here is CutefishOS. This Debian and Ubuntu-based Linux distribution features a natively developed Cutefish desktop. This Linux Distribution is currently under development. But its looks are already making waves across the user’s base.

Under the hood, CutefishOS is built upon Qt and KDE Framework. This efficient Linux Distribution with Cutefish desktop features the global menu feature at the top bar out of the box.

The customization options are still being worked on as it’s currently under development. But with the latest release, you get the native dark mode, accent colour, animation effects, and dock position (left, right, bottom), among other options.

If you want to experiment with a nice desktop that looks completely different, you may go ahead. Also, you may review the complete review and tutorials of this desktop below.

Cutefish OS Review

Cutefish OS
Cutefish OS

Manjaro KDE Plasma

The Manjaro Linux KDE Edition is one of the best-looking Linux distributions today. Based on Arch Linux, Manjaro KDE Edition features the stock KDE Plasma desktop environment with some additional tweaks and widgets. The green colour palette of Manjaro gives you a fresh look and feel. You can customize further with built-in KDE tools and settings and change icons and themes from KDE Stores.

The Manjar KDE Edition is a perfect combination of performance and beauty with the power of Arch Linux. And it is an ideal starting point for the new Arch Linux users.

Manjaro KDE Plasma
Manjaro KDE Plasma

Garuda Linux

The famous Garduda Linux is the 6th OS on this list. Garuda Linux is based on Arch Linux and brings a beautiful desktop for you. It features all major desktop environments with custom-designed icon themes and colour palettes. This operating system uses Zen Kernel, which is optimized for performance in your hardware.

The look and feel are stunning in Garuda Linux. The macOS style looks like you get out of the box. The combination of neon icon theme, lovely colour palette, blur and transparency with the global menu is perfect on its own.

One of the primary advantages of Garuda is it provides you with the choice of all desktop environments – KDE Plasma, GNOME, Xfce, LXQt, MATE and others.

Garuda Linux
Garuda Linux

Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition

We all love Linux Mint because of its simplicity, elegance and stability. It is one of the most widely used and famous Linux distributions today. And perhaps the most used Linux distribution after Ubuntu. However, it is not that fancy-looking if you compare this with other Linux Distributions here in this list.

But the default Cinnamon desktop looks clean and perfect if you like the legacy user interface, which looks fantastic.

The Linux Mint Cinnamon edition is perfect for all users, especially new users of Linux or even those who are migrating from Windows. The default looks and feels refreshing with Mint’s green colour palette.

If you cannot decide on an eye-candy Linux distribution with stability, choose the Linux Mint Cinnamon edition without a doubt.

In addition, you can easily customize Cinnamon desktop with some stunning Linux Mint themes.

Linux Mint 20 - Cinnamon Edition Desktop
Linux Mint 20 – Cinnamon Edition Desktop

Nitrux OS

Nitrux Linux is based on Debian, which features a modified version of the KDE Plasma desktop called NX Desktop. This unique Linux distribution brings its own set of Nitrux applications built upon Maui kit and Qt. Nitrux is systemd-free and uses OpenRC as an init system. With all these unique features and stunning looks, it is one of the best Linux distributions today.

Nitrux OS’s default look is perfectly designed with a modified KDE Plasma desktop with a Kvantum theme engine, icon theme, colour palette and cursor theme. The team behind Nitrux OS also brings a separate desktop called Maui Shell, a beautiful convergent desktop that adapts itself based on screen size.

If you need a KDE Plasma desktop with out-of-the-box modification and stability, then go for Nitrux OS. You won’t be disappointed.

Nitrux 2.0 + Desktop
Nitrux 2.0 + Desktop

Ubuntu Kylin

The Ubuntu Kylin is an official Ubuntu flavour designed explicitly for Chinese people who use a simplified Chinese script. However, it supports another language as well.

This modified Ubuntu flavour uses Ubuntu Kylin User Interface (aka UKUI). The UKUI desktop is created using Qt to support MATE Desktop components.

Ubuntu Kylin looks elegant, and it would remind you of a combination of GNOME and KDE Plasma in terms of looks and design.

It features a nicely designed icon set, bottom taskbar, nice application view, app switcher, rounded corner, and more. These features are carefully crafted.

Ubuntu Kylin Desktop
Ubuntu Kylin Desktop

Pop OS

The Pop OS is developed by System76, which manufactures computer hardware. This Ubuntu-based Linux Distribution comes pre-installed in all the System6 hardware. However, you can separately download and install it from its official repository in your system.

The Pop OS features the default GNOME desktop with additional tweaks and configurations. This desktop features the pre-GNOME 40-era desktop with several extensions and tweaks pre-configured. For example, you get a bottom dock that can be configured to move around on the desktop, a launcher to launch applications, rounded corners and other such features. This desktop also features auto-tiling and optimized keyboard navigation to make you more productive.

The look and feel are clean and beautifully designed with a colour palette, built-in dark mode, rounded corners in the application window, and an icon theme.

Pop OS 21.10 Desktop
Pop OS 21.10 Desktop

Closing Notes

I hope this list of beautiful Linux distributions of 2024 helps you decide which one you want for your desktop or laptop. Because these are already configured to look beautiful, they are powerful.

Take your pick and start your Linux journey.


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