Check Weather From Terminal Using wttr

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Now you can check weather right from the terminal for your city.

We all check weather to maintain our daily routines. There are many apps available in Linux for weather update, such as GIS Weather, My Weather Indicator etc. However, there is this command line utility available for Ubuntu, Linux systems which can give you weather predictions in terminal itself. It is called wttr.


No installation is required! All you need to do is run below set of commands (any one of them) as per your needs and weather forecast is available in the terminal itself.

The utility takes the location as input e.g. newyork, newdelhi. However it is intelligent enough to determine weather using IP address if you don’t specify a location.

Just type below to get an weather update for your current location:


If you want to specify a city such as newyork, type below command:


That’s not all. if you are travelling and want to check airport weather, you can type three letter airport code as below. Cool! Below command would show the Munich Airport weather.


Even, you can check the weather of the IP addresses of the domains using @ as prefix:


To know more details, you can visit the wttr website. Also you can report bugs and follow developments @ GitHub



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