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FreeFileSync – Release 10.2 highlights and review.

FreeFileSync is a free data backup and file synchronization app which is available in Linux systems enables you to seamlessly sync your backup data with the source data.

When you take a backup of your HD, or any other disk drive, you should keep it in sync for the file changes you do from time to time. It is often difficult to remember which file/directories you have changed/deleted/updated since the last backup. FreeFileSync solves that problem and it can determine and sync only those changed/deleted/updated files in your backup.

Recently FreeFileSync releases version 10.2 with various bug fixes and improvements. As per the official change log here are the changes for this release.

  • Limit number of file versions by age and count
  • Report not yet existing folders as warning instead of error
  • Improved comparison speed for high-latency traversals
  • Set up parallel file operations for versioning folder
  • Early clean up to avoid hitting (S)FTP connection limits
  • Support FTP servers with ANSI encoding
  • Fixed folder drag and drop for modal dialogs
  • Fixed progress graph glitch due to unsteady system clock
  • Unbuffered folder lock file existence checking
  • Fixed macOS Donation Ed. not recognized after rename
  • Updated translation files


How to Install

Ready to run executables for FreeFileSync are available for Windows, Linux and Mac. To install/run FreeFileSync in Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04 LTS download the files from below. Once downloaded, extract the files and click run on the executable FreeFileSync.

For other download options including Windows, visit download page.



Drop a comment below if you are facing trouble using or installing FreeFileSync.


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