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Looking to reduce screen time before bed? Introducing GNOME Bedtime Mode – an innovative extension that turns your GNOME workspace greyscale for a more relaxing experience.

Are you often find it challenging to put your device down before bedtime? Well, we have an interesting extension for you; there’s a new GNOME extension in town that can help you limit your late-night screen time and promote healthier sleep habits. Introducing the “GNOME Bedtime Mode” extension – a clever tool that converts your entire GNOME workspace to greyscale with a smooth transition, just like Android’s smartphone bedtime mode (Or iOS’s colour filter mode).

If you’ve ever used Android’s bedtime mode (or iPhone’s Greyscale colour filter) on your phone, you’re already familiar with the concept behind this extension.

GNOME Desktop in Greyscale
GNOME Desktop in Greyscale

Make your GNOME Desktop Greyscale

By turning your workspace into greyscale, the extension aims to make your device less visually appealing and encourage you to wind down before bedtime. However, let’s be realistic – it still requires some self-control from your end to fully reap the benefits. But this extension could be a game-changer for those seeking an extra nudge to put their devices away at night.

Features for your preference

One of the best things about the GNOME Bedtime Mode extension is its versatile and user-friendly Preferences (Settings) UI. Here are some of the features you can customize to suit your preferences:

  1. Automate Your Bedtime: You can set an automatic schedule to turn the Bedtime Mode on and off, ensuring your workspace transitions to greyscale during your desired sleep hours.
  2. Quick and Easy Control: The extension adds an On-Demand button to the Top Bar or a Quick Settings toggle, enabling you to manually enable or disable the greyscale mode whenever you want.
  3. Customize the Look: You have the flexibility to control the On-Demand button’s visibility, appearance, and position in the Top Bar so it seamlessly integrates into your GNOME desktop.
  4. Color Presets: If you prefer a different colour scheme or intensity, you can easily choose another colour preset to match your taste.
  5. Adjust Intensity on the Fly: With the GNOME Bedtime Mode extension, you can even change the colour intensity on the fly by scrolling over the On-Demand button in the Top Bar.


To get started with the GNOME Bedtime Mode extension, you can install it easily from the official GNOME Extensions website. You can refer to this guide – on how to install GNOME Extension.

Alternatively, if you’re using GNOME ’43’ or ’44,’ you can download the latest release package and manually install it to your extensions folder. However, please note that the latest package only supports these two versions.

After download, unzip the files. Then run the below command to install.

gnome-extensions install --force

For older GNOME versions, the official GNOME Shell Extensions website will have you covered.

Making bedtime a breeze

Once installed & enabled, you’ll find a small “z” icon at the top panel of your GNOME desktop.

Icon in top bar
Icon in top bar

A simple click on the icon enables or disables the greyscale mode instantly. If you prefer the terminal, you can use the following commands to enable or disable the extension. Alternatively, you can use the extension app to do that.

To enable:

gnome-extensions enable 

To disable:

gnome-extensions disable

With this extension, you now have a practical tool to help you strike a balance between your online work and responsible bedtime habits. So, go ahead, install it, customize it, and embrace healthier screen habits for a better night’s sleep!


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