Best Extensions for GNOME Quick Settings

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Enjoying GNOME’s revamped quick settings menu? Try these GNOME quick settings extensions to make the most out of it.

After a decade, GNOME devs changed the quick settings and its look with a new intuitive design with pill-shaped toggle buttons. Released as part of GNOME 43, it has received positive responses and reviews from the community. However, the default design of the quick settings truly gives you a “default” feel.

If you add some extensions to it, it may become more advanced with additional features. Since the system tray and tray menu is one of the most used components of GNOME (or any desktop), it’s worth considering several cool extensions for GNOME quick settings.

Here’s an assorted list for you.

Best GNOME Quick Settings Extensions

All these extensions require the Extension app to search these and install them on your GNOME desktop. You can refer to this guide to install the Extensions app.

1. Quick settings tweaker

First, open the extensions app, search for “quick settings tweaker”, and install it.

installing a sample GNOME extension
installing a sample GNOME extension

This extension gives the most amount of options to change the look of the Quick settings dialog. Once enabled, you can get the following default view with additional volume control settings, a notification section (moved away from the calendar) and the “do not disturb” option.

In addition, you can also select the audio input and output without your trip to the settings window. If needed, you can also launch the settings from here.

Quick settings tweaker showing several options
Quick settings tweaker showing several options

Furthermore, the media control widgets are also available when a media is playing, including if it’s playing in the browser via a streaming platform. Also, if you think it’s too much, you can remove certain buttons too!

The notification window also can be separated from the entire quick settings menu, as shown below.

Split up the notification options
Split up the notification options

As you can, it gives you maximum options to configure quick settings. Install and explore more options for yourself. The source code is available here.

2. Use avatar in quick settings

If you want your profile avatar with full name and image displayed in the Quick settings, try “use avatar in quick settings” extension.

It’s a small feature but visually impactful – it gives a nice professional touch to the Quick settings pop-up. Options include moving the avatar (left/right), changing its size and choosing options to show (such as name, hostname, etc.)

use avatar in quick settings extension
use avatar in quick settings extension

3. Compact quick settings

The third extension in this list is compact quick settings – which literally does what its name says. The default and large quick settings become a more compact version in size and components. There are no additional settings of this extension other than just enabling it. You can install it by searching “compact quick settings” in the extensions app.

Remember, this extension is not compatible with other extensions in this list – especially with the “quick settings tweaker”.

Compact quick settings extension
Compact quick settings extension

4. Add battery time in quick settings

By default, GNOME quick settings show the % charge available in your Laptop battery in the quick settings. But it doesn’t show how much longer your battery would last. The battery time extension helps you to replace the percentage value with the charge remaining in hours and minutes.

Battery time extension in quick settings
Battery time extension in quick settings

5. Privacy in Quick settings

The fifth and final extension is the “privacy quick settings menu“. This extension adds a microphone, camera and location as a toggle button. You can enable and disable these right from the quick settings without visiting the settings window.

This is one of the best little yet impactful extensions I feel everyone should have. To install, search “privacy quick settings menu” in the extension app.

privacy quick settings extensions
privacy quick settings extensions

Wrapping Up

If you compile all of these extensions, you can build a productive GNOME desktop with all these options available at your fingertips. Do let me know in the comment box which is your favourite extension on this list.

Also, if you know of such an extension – do let me know!


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