How to Create WiFi Hotspot in Ubuntu

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This quick guide explains how to create a WiFi Hotspot in Ubuntu (all supported versions).

Internet connection sharing is not new. It was available as an operating system feature for some time. In Windows 10 or 11, creating a Hotspot with just a click of a button in Settings is straightforward.

In Linux Systems, particularly in Ubuntu-based systems, it was a bit tricky from the beginning. However, in recent Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – it is very straightforward, and you can quickly set up your WiFi hotspot from a desktop/laptop.

But before you try the following steps, remember the below points:

  • You can only create a WiFi hotspot of your Wired or USB data card internet connection. That means you can not share your internet if you are already using another WiFi hotspot.
  • When you create a hotspot in Ubuntu, your existing WiFi connection will be deactivated.
  • This method would work with wired internet, USB 4G dongle, and both in Laptops and desktops.

Steps to Create WiFi Hotspot in Ubuntu

  • Ensure you are connected to the internet via a wired, 4G/5G dongle in your Ubuntu system.
  • Open Settings, and go to the WiFi tab. From the top hamburger menu, select “Turn on WiFi hotspot”.
Hotspot menu
Hotspot menu
  • In the next window, give a network name and password. This name would be available as a hotspot name across devices. And the password would be to connect to that wifi hotspot.
Wifi Settings in Ubuntu 20.04
Wifi Settings in Ubuntu
  • Click Turn On.
  • Pull down the system tray menu and check the status. You should see a menu item – “Wifi hotspot active”.
Active WiFi Hotspot
Active WiFi Hotspot

Connect to the wifi hotspot from your mobile phones or other devices

  • Open up your other device – Laptop or mobile phone and search for a WiFi hotspot. You can see the name of your Ubuntu system as a hotspot. The following screenshots are from an Android device. You can find a similar menu in your iPhones or other mobile OS settings.
Created hotspot is available
Created hotspot is available
  • Tap on the hotspot name, and enter the password. And hit connect.
Connect from Mobile
Connect from Mobile
  • And you can now browse the internet using this hotspot created in Ubuntu.

Wrapping Up

The above method should work in all the Ubuntu versions – 20.04, 22.04 and 22.10 onwards. Since the settings window is GNOME, the steps should be the same for all GNOME desktop-based Linux distributions.

I hope this helps you to create wifi hotspot to share your Ubuntu’s internet with other devices.

If you face any issues, drop a comment below.


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