How to Write ISO Image to USB Drive in Ubuntu

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Tutorial on how to write iso image to a USB stick in Ubuntu, Linux Mint.

There are many ways you can write a .iso image directly to a USB stick in Ubuntu and other Linux. In this guide, I use GNOME’s built-in utility ‘Disk’ to write .iso images.

Write ISO Image in Ubuntu – Using gnome-disk-utility

Writing ISO image to a USB stick is a very simple process in Ubuntu. It is applicable for all versions of Ubuntu using the GNOME desktop environment. So, follow the below steps:

  • Plugin the USB stick to your desktop/laptop. USB would be auto detected.
USB Auto Detect
  • Go to the place where you have kept the disk image iso files. Right-click the image and choose Open With -> Disk Image Writer.
Choose Options
  • In the next window, choose the destination which is your USB drive from the dropdown. Click start restoring and provide root password when asked for.
Restore Image
  • Wait till the restoring image process is complete.
Restoring in progress

Thats it. You have succesfully restored an iso image to USB stick using GNOME’s Disk tool.

Drop a comment, if you are facing problem while restoring images.

Restoration is complete


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