How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge Browser in Linux

Microsoft announced its latest browser a while back – Microsoft Edge for Ubuntu and other Linux as a preview. In this quick guide, I will walk you through the steps to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge Browser.

Edge is based on the open-source Chromium project. And Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge both are forked from it.

This has many advantages. One of them is you can easily install the existing Google Chrome Extensions to the Microsoft Edge browser. And they are compatible (well most of them).

Although Microsoft provides its own native extension store called Edge Add-on which provides many add-ons already.

But if you are already using certain Google Chrome extensions which probably works well for your workflow, and wants the same for Edge – well it will work.

Here’s how.

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Microsoft Edge Browser in Linux

Open the Microsoft Edge browser in Ubuntu or any Linux. (If you have not yet installed Microsoft Edge – check out the steps here).

Click on the top right section three-dot to pull down the menu.

Click on Extensions

Click on Extensions. Or in the address bar type edge://extensions/

Turn on the option “Allow extensions from other stores”. Click Allow.

Allow Extension install
Chrome Webstore in Edge

Now visit the Chrome Webstore from Microsoft Edge.

Browse or search for your favorite extension and click on Add to Chrome.

Click on Add Extension.

Add to Chrome

You can also manage the installed extensions in Microsoft Edge by edge://extensions/

To remove the Google Chrome Extensions from Microsoft Edge, visit the extension page and click on Remove. Then the extension will be removed from Microsoft Edge.

Using this simple steps you can use the thousands of Google Chrome extensions in your Edge browser in Linux. But remember, some extensions might not work as they need more tweaking by their author to work well with Edge.