VirtualBox User ID and Password for Unattended Installation

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Here’s the VirtualBox default user id and password, and how to enable and disable unattended installation.

The Oracle team completely changed the VirtualBox VM creation user interface from the VirtualBox 7.0 release. The multi-screen wizard is replaced by one single screen (here’s a tutorial showing the new screens).

Most of the options remain the same. However, a new option is introduced in VirtualBox 7.0, which is “unattended installation”. This is available under the “Name and operating system” section as a toggle check box.

VirtualBox unattended install option
VirtualBox unattended install option

If you choose the unattended installation, VirtualBox installs and creates a Virtual machine image for you, without even a single input from you. This saves so much time on creating partitions, adding users, etc.

But there is a catch.

VirtualBox also creates a default user account and adds a password with admin privileges. It won’t be easy to log in if you don’t know it. There’s no mention of this on the official download page. Here’s the ID and password

ID: vboxuser

Password: changeme

You can also find it under the “unattended install” option.

default id and password for VirtualBox unattended installation
default id and password for VirtualBox unattended installation

You can also have the option to change it before you hit install.

Usage Notes

  • When you use VirtualBox, sometimes the unattended install option is disabled even if you create the virtual machine for that OS for the first time.
  • The reason is unknown. And if you selected unattended install previously and it’s disabled, you can not remove it.
  • You are forced to install with that default user id and password. In those cases, once you install, log in using the above id and password. And then create another user for your use.
  • Here’s a screengrab of the weird behaviour. As you can see, it remains visible and becomes enabled based on the type of ISO. And it disables itself by preserving its previous state:
Strange behaviour of enable and disable of unattended installation option
Strange behaviour of enabling and disabling of unattended installation option

I hope this helps.



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