Krita 4.4 Scores Sizeable Update with Disney’s SeExpr Support

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The digital drawing program Krita scores a sizeable update with its major release Krita 4.4.

Coming after almost 6 months from the prior release, Krita 4.4 brings sizeable updates, feature additions such as new fill layers, brush options, etc across drawing modules which makes it an even great free and open-source raster graphics editor.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in Krita 4.4

Krita 4.4 – What’s New

Faster fill layers with multi-threading

Multithreading support is added to the fill layer functionality. That means you can expect faster drawing while performing fill layers.

Transform fill layers

The fill layer patterns can now be transformed as well for example you can rotate the fill layer patterns. The same applies to the drawing and bucket fill as well.

New fill layer option

A bunch of new fill layer option is introduced with this release. Such as you can now fill the canvas with basic repeated curved, dots in various colors, etc.

New fill layer generator

Rotationally symmetric, but aperiodic fill layer is produced which you can use easily to fill out portions.

Fill Layer - Multigrid
Fill Layer – Multigrid

Disney’s SeExpr Support

Disney’s SeExpr animation language support is added to Krita 4.4. This language is used to generate textures and materials on the fly for their animations. This is added via the Google summer of code program. While this is added, you can now use it to your fill layers.

Updated Brush Engine

The brush engine now can use the combination of lightness parameter with the mix parameters. Also, you can mix gradient bushes and texture strength parameter,

Updated color selector

The color selector is updated with a diagonal line which gives you the lightness and saturation both for the active color. This gives you more control over the color selection.

Download Krita 4.4

Krita 4.4 is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android, ChromeOS as well. Refer to the below download instructions for your system.

For Linux, the Krita team provides the AppImage executables which you can change the permission and run in any Linux distribution.

Visit this page for Windows and other system executables.

Image credit: Krita


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