Leafpad – A Notepad Alternative for Ubuntu/Linux

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Leafpad is a too simple text editor and its ideal replacement for popular Notepad application.

There are plenty of text editors available in Ubuntu, Linux universe. Each of them are catered to different purpose Or their target user base is different. No matter who the user is, you can not deny the importance of a very minimal text editor.


Leafpad, based on GTK+, is having minimal dependencies. It depends on GTK+ >= 2.0.0 and libgnomeprint & libgnomeprintui >= 2.2.0 (optional).

Being simple itself a feature, however, Leafpad has all the basic text options available, e.g. Print, Search, replace, Line Numbers, Word Wrap, Auto Indent and Font. It also has capability to detect codeset, unlimited undo-redo and drag-n-drop capabilities.

Development is currently not active/not needed to keep the editor lightweight which is its sole purpose.

Installation & Running Leafpad

Leafpad comes as a default text editor for Lightweight distributions and desktop environments. It comes as default application for LXDE, XUBUNTU and LBUNTU. However, if you are using vanilla Ubuntu, you can install it via running the below command from terminal.

sudo apt-get install leafpad

If you are using Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus or higher you can install it using Software

Install Leafpad Using GNOME Software
Install Leafpad Using GNOME Software


Leafpad Running in Ubuntu
Leafpad Running in Ubuntu


You can also visit official Leafpad site for more details – source code, download details Fedora and others.


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