Ubuntu-based Linux Lite 5.0 is here with massive changes

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Ubuntu-based Linux Lite 5.0 is released with some massive changes across the operating system and it is immediately available for download.

Code named Emerald, Linux Lite 5.0 is the most feature-loaded version to date. This version is based upon the stable Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa and Kernel 5.4.

Before you jump to find out what Linux Lite 5.0 is offering, you should know that it is fairly a new Linux distribution and primarily targetted to users migrating from Windows and having aging hardware. Of course, as its name suggests, it is very lightweight Linux distribution and the default apps are minimal.

Linux Lite is powered by a customized Xfce desktop environment and it can act as a gateway operating system to Linux world for those coming from windows. So, if you want to suggest some Windows users try out Linux, well you can safely suggest Linux Lite.

Linux Lite 5 Desktop
Linux Lite 5 Desktop

Linux Lite 5.0 – What’s New

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Coming back to the feature set of Linux lite 5.0, this release brings out of the box UEFI support, new firewall app, new update-notifier, modified whisker menu, Hidpi settings with scaling factors.

A couple of new applications are also added or replaced in this release. The Mousepad is added replacing Leafpad as a default text editor, Chromium is replaced by Chrome due to snap being system heavy, Gnome paint is now added as a paint app replacing Pinta and Xfce screensaver is added although it would be disabled by default.

Etcher the popular USB, SD card flash utility is added in this release along with Nitroshare to easily share files over the network. Telegram messaging clients also included by default.

Along with the above list of new applications, you get the popular stock application with Linux Lite 5.0. Firefox: 76.0.1, Thunderbird: 68.8.0, LibreOffice:, VLC:, Gimp: 2.10.18 – all included in this release.

Linux Lite 5 - Settings Window
Linux Lite 5 – Settings Window

When you first boot up the Linux Lite desktop, you will be greeted with a redesigned welcome screen which is migrated to GTK3 and Python3.

For OEM folks who manufacture Laptops/desktops – a new install option is included in the boot menu for easy OEM installation – which I think pretty neat feature.

Apart from these some of the improvements are worth mentioning – the help section is overhauled with more topics for you in case you are stuck while using the operating system, new wallpapers in included, you can see the trash icon now on desktop, Lite widget now shows the Firewall status.

For more information, read the release announcement here.

Download, Install and Upgrade

If you are running an earlier version of Linux Lite, there is no upgrade path available, unfortunately. So you have to do a fresh install.

Download the Linux Lite 5.0 using below links and you can mount it in a USB after download.

Other download options:

Torrent, International Mirrors

A lot of changes indeed. I believe the application selections are very good considering the “Lite” desktop and most importantly they are pre-loaded. If you look at the vanilla Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, you don’t get all these apps pre-installed in stock OS. So, Linux Lite makes it very easy for all the migrating Windows users to feel home the first time in Linux. You can definitely try this distribution for the experience.

Via release announcement; Pic credit: Linux Lite


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