MyPaint – Tablet Friendly Drawing Program Releases v2.0.1

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MyPaint – the Tablet friendly drawing program releases the latest version 2.0.1.

If you like to draw, or looking for a free, lightweight, simple drawing program which runs in Tablets of drawing devices – then MyPaint is the one you should be trying out. Well, you should not be looking for Photoshop-like features obviously – but it gets the job done easily.

MyPaint provides a distraction-free drawing experience and it is an easy tool for digital painters. It currently supports graphics tablets made by Wacom and many similar devices. Its brush engine is versatile and configurable, and it provides useful productivity tools. The standard brushes can emulate traditional media like charcoal, pencils, ink, or paint.

A while back in February 2020, MyPaint brought the major release of its 2.0.0 version with some massive changes which I have summarised below. This current release is a bug-fix and maintenance update of the prior release and brings you a solid application with features and enhancements ironing out if any bugs remained after the major version.

MyPaint 2.0.0 was a big release considering it brings some core updates to this awesome drawing program. Some of the major highlights of MyPaint 2.0.0 are linear compositing and spectral blending (pigment mode), View Rotation, and View Zoom now factor in to brush strokes. It also brings New Smudge, Directional Offsets, Inputs, and Symmetry mode settings. 

The latest version fixes HSV/HCY brush dynamics, the default size of Undo/Redo stack increased to 40, performance improvements in Windows, Size of Windows installer, and AppImage executable is reduced. Check out the latest release notes here.

MyPaint 2.0.1
MyPaint 2.0.1

Download and Install

You can download the latest MyPaint 2.0.1 from below links for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Linux Mint 19.x, Fedora, and Windows.

If you are downloading AppImage executable you do not need to install it. Just make the downloaded file executable and run.

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