Scrivano: Fascinating Whiteboard App For Handwritten Notes

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Let’s find out what are the cool features of Scrivano – a whiteboard app for Linux systems.


Scrivano is a new whiteboard application which recently getting some attention for its unique features and “ease of use”. It has some seriously cool feature which I will talk about shortly.

When I write about the top Whiteboard applications for taking hand written notes using touch devices, I was not aware of this application since it was probably under development. In that article, I mentioned about the major apps which you all know about.

For example, Xournal++ is probably the most used and “go to” app for taking quick notes using stylus in supported devices. Another GTK & Rust based app which recently became famous is Rnote. It also has some excellent features.

Now, you can try out another cool app – Scrivano. It is a Qt based application and comes with a simple user interface for utmost productivity. Its closed source but available for free for Linux users.

Here’s how it looks.

Scrivano - How it looks
Scrivano – How it looks

At the top bar, you have a simple toolbox with standard options such as Pencil with thickness, colours, fill area tools, eraser, undo, redo and so on. These are pretty common among all the apps in this category.

But what are the features that make it stand apart? Let’s talk about them.


First feature which is unique is the “Snap to Grid”. So, when you draw on its grid canvas, you can set your drawings to snap to the grids so that it looks uniform. This is one of the best feature which makes your notes look professional. Don’t worry about your bad handwriting or drawings.

Here’s a quick look on the “snap to grid” feature with comparison.

Snap to Grip feature
Snap to Grip feature

Another feature which stand out is the Sticker creation of your drawings. Say, you are taking some math notes and you want to reuse one of the curve multiple times. You can select the drawing and make it a sticker – which you can put it back to your drawing!

Stickers in Scrivano
Stickers in Scrivano

The editing options are so good that the only limitation is your imagination in terms of note taking.

For example, you can select and move around any part of your drawing as a separate object. Then you can clone it, copy it or do anything you want.

Similarly, the fill stroke feature is so effortless. When you are drawing with pen, the app can close the start and end point. Then it fills with colours. All of these happens without choosing additional option from toolbar.

Scrivano have a nice option called Laser which is effective if you are teaching someone via screen sharing or recording a tutorial video. Its a laser-like line which you can draw and it disappears with 3 to 5 seconds.

Other noteworthy features include:

  • You can import and annotate PDF which it super useful.
  • Different and customizable background with options – Plain, Lined, Grid or Dotted
  • Options to change grid spacing, colour of canvas and patterns
  • You can adjust canvas size for your printing (such as A4 etc)
  • Export to PDF and other image formats
  • Scrivano comes with Auto save option so that you don’t lose your data (saves in home directory by default)
  • Insert external images into your handwritten notes
  • Dark mode in UI

You should be glad knowing that, the developer is still working on additional features as we speak on top the above items. I’m sure it will be a contender to the legacy players such as Xournal++ and others.

Let’s see how you can install.

Download and Install

The best way to install Scrivano is using Flatpak. All you need to do is set up your system for Flatpak with Flathub and then run the following command to install.

flatpak install flathub com.github.scrivanolabs.scrivano

Then you can launch it via application menu.

Windows folks, you can grab the installer from the official home page.

It is indeed a nice utility and should get all the love. Do let me know in the comment box what you like about this app.



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