Linux Mint Unveils A New User Support App: Jargonaut

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In the monthly update, the Linux Mint team introduces a new app in the works: Jargonaut.

Are you a Linux Mint user looking for a better way to get support and ask questions to other users or Mint devs? Look no further!

The Linux Mint team is developing a new app called Jargonaut. Once released, this dedicated app will provide a more efficient and user-friendly support experience, going beyond the capabilities of traditional IRC clients.

Talking about IRC clients, the Mint team will stop distributing IRC client Xchat since its dependent app Hexchat development is closed. There are a few more open source IRC clients are available which could be a replacement. But the Mint team thinks that the IRC clients don’t fully address the need for a dedicated space for users to ask questions and receive assistance.

Jargonaut aims to fill that gap by providing a tailored experience for support-seekers and responders in Linux Mint.


Jargonaut, an Xapp (native to Mint) designed to work on all Linux distributions and desktop environments, will offer features that go beyond IRC capabilities. That means, once it is ready, you can use it in GNOME, Xfce or in KDE Plasma desktop. Some of the features include:

  • Pastebin/imgur support via drag-and-drop
  • Uploading system specifications for troubleshooting purposes
  • A more streamlined and intuitive user interface

Unlike IRC clients, Jargonaut will not allow users to join channels or perform common IRC commands. Instead, it will focus on providing a curated, support-oriented experience for users.

If you’re interested in following the development of Jargonaut, you can visit its GitHub page at The Linux Mint team welcomes any contributions and feedback from the community.

The GitHub page outlines a “To-Do” list and the app roadmap, with additional information.


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