Linux Mint Edge ISO (21.3) – Why You Should Use it

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A quick round-up of the Linux Mint Edge ISO for version 21.3 “Virginia” with the latest Kernel.

For many, Linux Mint is synonymous with user-friendliness and stability. This Debian-based distro has always favoured the users, listened to them and implemented features. It’s one of the few distributions that welcomes Windows migrants. However, Linux Mint also caters to the masses with modern hardware with its “Edge” ISO, a special edition featuring a cutting-edge kernel for bleeding-edge Kernel support.

What is the Linux Mint Edge ISO?

The Edge ISO (21.3) is essentially a variant of the main Linux Mint 21.3 release, which comes with only the Cinnamon edition. The only difference is that it ships with a newer kernel compared to the standard ISO. This newer kernel boasts support for the latest hardware components, particularly processors and chipsets released after the main stable kernel version was finalized.

The remaining Linux Mint 21.3 features are available as stock if you choose this ISO variant:

  • Experimental Wayland support in Cinnamon desktop session.
  • Better handling of channels and YouTube in Hypnotix IPTV player
  • Desktop wallpaper now supports AVIF image format.
  • Resize the window with the menu editor.
  • Option to show microphone mute indicator always.
  • The middle mouse button now works while the SHIFT key is pressed.
  • Option to select screen for notification.
  • Gesture controls are now disabled when the screensaver is active, removing potential security issues.
  • You can now zoom the desktop with gestures.
  • New “action” spices.
  • The screenshot service is now able to determine the colour value of a selected point on the screen.
  • 75% scaling is available in Display (enable fractional scaling via settings for this).
  • Window opacity keybinding is now available.
  • Sound applet: new shift-middle click action
  • A bunch of stunning new wallpapers.

Linux Mint Edge ISO 21.3

The main Linux Mint 21.3 “Virginia” is based on Ubuntu 22.04 “Jammy Jellyfish” which is currently features Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS. This version is quite old today. If you have modern AMD or other OEM hardware, you may face difficulties with graphics, networking, storage, wifi, etc, when booting Linux Mint 21.3 standard ISO.

Hence, the Edge ISO from the team features the Linux Kernel 6.5 by default. This version is not that far behind the mainline Kernel version.

If you plan to get the Edge ISO, download it from the link below. Remember, it only comes with the Cinnamon desktop edition.

The installation process of edge ISO is the same, and there are no surprises.

However, if you are running the standard Linux Mint, there is no way to get to this Kernel via upgrades. However, you can install the latest Kernel separately, which is obviously not recommended.

So, if you need to use this, get the fresh ISO and install it.

Linux Mint 21.3 Edge
Linux Mint 21.3 Edge

Pros and cons

That brings us to the key advantages of the Edge ISO:

  • Bleeding-edge hardware compatibility
  • Latest security fixes in Kernel to keep yourself safe
  • Staying in the cutting edge computing

But, while the Edge ISO provides several advantages, you should remember a few things. Such as:

  • Compared to the standard ISO, the Edge ISO might be slightly less stable due to its newer kernel.
  • While the newer kernel features wider hardware compatibility, some drivers might not be optimized for it yet. This could lead to minor glitches or functionality limitations.

Choosing the Edge ISO ultimately boils down to your individual needs and risk tolerance. If you’re an advanced user with modern hardware or a strong desire for the latest kernel features, the Edge ISO is the one you should explore.



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