mpv Releases Version 0.20.0 with Bugfixes and Enhancements

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mpv – the best, free and open source media player for Linux systems, recently releases version 0.20.0 which is a maintenance release. This release contains lots of bug fixes and minor enhancements.

mpv version 0.20.0 contains below minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Added Features

  • aspect: add –video-unscaled=downscale-big
  • player: add –image-display-duration option to control duration of image display (#3425)
  • vo_opengl: angle: new flag (dcomposition) to control DirectComposition

Fix and Enhancements

  • af_lavrresample: fix error if resampler could not be recreated
  • audio: avoid missed wakeups with ab-loops
  • audio: do not apply –audio-channels if spdif passthrough is in use (#3445)
  • cache: don’t use a backbuffer if the cache is as large as the file
  • command: prevent O(n^2) behaviour for playlist property
  • demux: close underlying stream if it’s fully read anyway (#3456)
  • demux: fix undefined behavior with ogg metadata update (#3451)
  • player: make looping slightly more seamless
  • player: refresh very low framerate video on filter changes (#3435)
  • stream_memory: disable stream cache
  • vf_rotate: allow arbitrary rotation (#3434)
  • vo: be more trusting to estimated display FPS (#3433)
  • w32_common: use hooks to detect parent window resize
  • x11: work around mutter fullscreen issue (#2072)

Source: github version 0.20.0 changelog


To install mpv in Ubuntu via PPA, run below commands from terminal and give root password when asked for.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:~mc3man/mpv-tests
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mpv

As of writing this article, the above PPA doesn’t have the updated 0.20.0 yet. You can still go ahead and install the earlier version and once the PPA is updated, you can update to version 0.20.0.

To play a file using mpv after installation, simply right cick and choose “Open with -> mpv Media Player”.

mpv Context Menu
mpv Context Menu
mpv Player Running in Ubuntu
mpv Player Running in Ubuntu


Download for other Linux distributions: download
Source: GitHub

How to uninstall

To uninstall mpv media player in Ubuntu, run below commands in terminal.

sudo apt-get remove mpv

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