uGet 2.0 Released with More Features – How to Install

uGet, the GUI version of the popular wget download utility sees a new release after a long development cycle, numerous bug fixes and changes. This 2.0 release comes after 12 development releases over 175...


Ubuntu 15.04 Vivit Vervet is Here

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet is released with average set of improvements and some very firsts. There is not much of a change on the look-n-feel can be felt by the average user but this...


Unofficial Ubuntu Phone AppStore Released

With the launch of first Ubuntu Phone, there was a need of an AppStore. An unofficial AppStore for Ubuntu Phone is released. This AppStore contains hundreds of apps suitable for your Ubuntu Phone. This...


Gis Weather 0.7.6 Released

Gis Weather – a free customizable weather ticker is available for Ubuntu and other Linux distros built in GTK+. Gis Weather released its latest version 0.7.6 with Gis Weather 0.7.6 Feature Summary and bug...

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