Pop OS 21.10 Release May Support ARM (arm64/AArch64)

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Looks like arm64 build is coming up with Pop OS 21.10 Impish Indri release.

This is a quick post, and it’s significant. So, I thought of covering this news.

Pop OS 21.10 Running in arm64 (Raspberry Pi 4)
Pop OS 21.10 Running in arm64 (Raspberry Pi 4)

Pop OS 21.10 ARM Build

Well, this is indeed exciting. And probably a dream come true for many, considering how popular Pop OS is for its unique nature.

Until now, Pop OS only offered in x86-64 and i386 builds only. System76 never provided any variant for ARM hardware such as Raspberry Pi, etc.

A while back, Jeremy Soller, System76’s lead developer, posted a photo on his twitter with a screenshot of the Pop!_OS terminal with the neofetch command.

The screenshot shows Pop OS 21.10 is running in Raspberry Pi 400.

Also, he posted the link to the ARM64 architecture packages for Pop OS 21.10.

So, looks like we are going to have arm64 build, finally.

Pop OS 21.10 is due to release in October, after Ubuntu 21.10 Impish Indri releases.

In case you are wondering, Pop OS 21.10 will COSMIC desktop (Computer Operating System Main Interface Components) with a fully customized GNOME 40 shell. Hopefully it will give another GNOME 40 variant with productive COSMIC desktop experience.

With all these, you might able to run Pop OS in Apple M1 as well. And the way industry is pivoting towards ARM (which should have been done long back, IMHO) – it is indeed a good step from System76, the developer of Pop OS.

So, stay tuned. Exciting time ahead.


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