UBER CLI: Get Uber Time to Pickup and Price from Terminal

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This utility can help you to get Uber cab information right from the command line.

UBER CLI is a tool which can be used to get Uber cab information such as time to arrive, approx price straight from the command line. You have to just provide the location, address, starting address and destination address.

Based on Uber API, it uses Google GEOcoding API to determine the time and price.

However, this utility can not be used to book Uber.

Here’s how to install.

How to Install UBER CLI in Linux

  • Open terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and run below commands:
  • Install Nodejs and npm using below commands in Ubuntu 18.04, 18.10.
sudo apt install nodejs npm
  • Run below commands in terminal to install Uber CLI.
npm install uber-cli -g

How to Use

  • Open terminal.
  • To get the time to pickup, run below example command. You can specify any address in below format for your need.
uber time '1 main street hartford us'
Uber Time to Pickup
Uber Time to Pickup
  • To get the price estimate between pickup and destination address, run below command. First address is the pickup address following is the destination address.
uber price -s '1 main street hartford us' -e '132 terry road hartford us'
Uber Price
Uber Price

You can skip city and country but maybe needed for same address for multiple countries.


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