Visual Studio Code – A Cross Platform Web and Cloud Code Editor

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Microsoft announced the launch of Visual Studio Code, a cross platform code editor for web and cloud applications. This code editor will run in Windows, OS X and Linux as well! This is for the first time MIcrosoft comes up with a cross-platform editor and shows they are appreciating the open source community.

This editor includes built-in support for JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js and ASP.NET and includes all modern code editor features such as syntax highlighting, customizable keyboard binding, bracket matching and snippets.

How To Install Visual Studio Code

You can install Visual Studio Code by using Ubuntu Make. To install Ubuntu Make, run below commands from terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu-make
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-make

Once Ubuntu Make is installed, run below commands in terminal.

umake web visual-studio-code

You can also get the installation files from Microsoft website


Search for Visual Studio Code from Dash.
Go to Applications -> Programming -> Visual Studio Code if you are using Gnome.

Visual Studio Code Running in Ubuntu
Visual Studio Code Running in Ubuntu


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