Wordbook: Offline English Dictionary App for GNOME

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Meet Wordbook – an offline dictionary application for the GNOME desktop.

We mostly search Google, DDG or any search engine online for word information such as meaning, synonyms, antonyms etc.

Since almost everyone today has an internet-connected mobile phone, it’s probably easier to search on Google.

But for offline usage, you may try Wordbook when no internet connection is available.

Wordbook: Offline dictionary app

The app is very basic in nature. But does its job with its capacity. Wordbook currently supports an English-to-English dictionary. At its core, it uses the Open English WordNet database for definitions. The Open English Wordnet is an open-source fork of the Princeton Wordnet project.

The Wordbook app can also pronounce words using eSpeak – a free and open-source speech synthesizer.

Wordbook - English to English Dictionary App
Wordbook – English to English Dictionary App

However, during the first run, it requires one-time internet access to download offline data. And that’s about it. Other notable feature includes live search, double-click search and custom definitions with HTML markup.

Wordbook is a GNOME app, built using the modern GTK4 and libadwaita. Hence integrates well with the GNOME desktop with light and dark themes. You can also use Wordbook’s random word feature to learn new words to increase your vocabulary.


You can easily install it as a Flatpak app from Flathub. Set up your system for Flatpak & Flathub and then install it using the below command from the terminal:

flatpak install com.github.fushinari.Wordbook

After installation, you can find it on the application menu.

Close notes

I hope you use this tiny app for your school or business work. The offline nature is handy if you are writing essays and longer paragraphs.

Do you know any other offline dictionary for Linux? Let us know in the comment box.


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