5 Best Python IDE(s) and Code Editor(s)

We list the five best Python code editors for Ubuntu/Linux and Windows in 2022.

Python is everywhere today, and it is arguably the C programming language of the modern era. You can find Python everywhere, from websites, apps, data science projects, and AI to IoT devices. So being a popular programming language of this decade, it is essential to know the development environment of Python, where developers create applications, especially if you are starting afresh.

Many Python development environments are available with features and utilities catering to your need. Some of them are useful for beginners learning Python by setting up the environment and other users for heavy Python development and complex setups. Here, in this post, I will touch upon the five best of them that would help you to pick one for your own need and use case.

Best Python Editor for Coding

This top list features the following editors:

  1. Eclipse
  2. PyCharm
  3. Spyder
  4. Sublime Text
  5. Thonny

1. Eclipse with PyDev

Eclipse Editor

Eclipse is a free and open-source IDE developed by IBM. This complete IDE is used for Java and Android development. However, it supports many other programming languages, including Python. You can use Eclipse with the popular PyDev plugin, which enables you to convert Eclipse to a complete Python development environment. With PyDev integration in Eclipse, you can do the compilation, code analysis, live debugging, interactive console access, and many more features.


  • Extensive features and complete Python development IDE.


  • A heavyweight on system performance.
  • Targetted for advanced users.

Installation and more information

2. PyCharm Editor

PyCharm Editor

Developed by JetBrains, PyCharm provides intelligent code completion, code inspections, on-the-fly error highlighting, quick fixes, automated code refactorings, and rich navigation capabilities.

PyCharm’s massive collection of tools out of the box includes an integrated debugger and test runner; Python profiler; a built-in terminal; integration with major VCS and built-in database tools; remote development capabilities with remote interpreters; an integrated ssh terminal; and integration with Docker and Vagrant.

In addition to Python, PyCharm provides first-class support for various Python web development frameworks, specific template languages, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, AngularJS, Node.js, and more.

PyCharm has two versions of installers. The professional version and a community version. The community version is free and open source. The professional version is not free as it comes with professional tools and extensive support. The professional edition has a monthly subscription version of <10 USD for individual use.

However, if you are a beginner, you can start with the free Community edition of PyCharm.

For both Scientific and Web Python development. With HTML, JS, and SQL support.


  • Advanced and modern editing capabilities for professionals that aid rapid developments.


  • Most professional tools are available in the paid version (approximately 8 to 10 USD per month for individual use).

Installation and additional information

3. Spyder Editor

Spyder Editor

Spyder is a powerful Python editor written in Python for Python. It is designed to be used by scientists, engineers, and data scientists. It offers a unique combination of a comprehensive development tool’s advanced editing, analysis, debugging, and profiling functionality with the data exploration, interactive execution, deep inspection, and beautiful visualization capabilities of a scientific package. 


  • Lightweight and Free


  • You have to download it as part of the Anaconda package. No standalone installer.

Installation and additional instructions

4. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a sophisticated code editor with a Python programming interface. It is a cross-platform utility and natively supports many programming languages. You can extend its features and functionality using plugins. The sublime text comes with productivity-boosting features such as Goto anything, changes to multiple sections of your file simultaneously. 


  • Lightweight, free, and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • It is free to evaluate, but you must buy a license for advanced usage. 

Additional information and installation

5. Thonny Python Editor

Thonny Editor

Thonny is a beginner’s Python IDE and is simple to use. It comes with the latest Python (3.7+ as of writing) built-in, so you do not need to worry about installing Python separately in your operating system. The user interface is clutterless and distraction-free for beginners. Some of the other notable features of Thonny include – a variable view, simple debugger, steps, and syntax errors. 


  • Lightweight, free, and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Perfect for absolute beginners in Python (or even in coding).


  • Available with basic features as it is a beginner’s IDE.

Installation and additional info

There are plenty of Python editors available, and these are the five best Python Editors for coding. Some of the other notable Python editors you can also try are VIM, IDLE (comes with default Python), Cloud 9, Visual Studio Code, and eMacs.

🗨️ Which editor do you prefer the most? Let us know in the comment section below.